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Bitmoji is your own personal emoji.

• Create an expressive cartoon avatar
• Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU
• Use Bitmoji in Snapchat, iMessage and wherever else you chat

Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks friendmoji – 2-person bitmojis featuring you and your friends!

What's New in Version 10.23

* Fixed bugs and enhanced overall functionality.


More options please!!

(Version 10.21)
by NekoHitsuji
Bitmoji are suppose to represent us buuuut how are they gonna represent us when we can’t make them look like us??? We need more hair color options more hair styles more clothes options true ability to mix and match. How’s my bitmoji gonna represent my half and half hair or my dress and tights?

We need long hair.

(Version 10.21)
by Hcupcakelovr5567
LONG HAIR FOR GIRLS. Also, why isn’t there a variety of skin colors and hair colors, there are only a few.

Love it!

(Version 10.21)
by Minnie831
I love this app so much I just wish there was more to choose from when it comes to hairstyles and clothing for the Bitmoji
Would you please add MORE hairstyles for those with long hair and different colors and winter clothes !!! 😊 thanks !


(Version 10.21)
by minatiprincess1
Love it

Hair styles

(Version 10.13.1)
by McGregor Adams
Everything's great but please please please add mullets as a hair option. I'm getting a mullet in December with my friends and I want to have a bitmoji that accurately represents me

What’s going on?

(Version 10.21)
by Marlee Corenne
App has been working fine but today I try to open it and it crashes.

1 major issue

(Version 10.20)
by buffwangz
I love this app so much however there are no beards without mustaches FIX THIS ISSUE IMMEDIATELY BITMOJI (my suggestion is to make both a beard and a mustache section not just beards)

App review

(Version 9.35)
by Rochelle L
Such a fun app


(Version 10.21)
by Roxaaaaaay
When is this going to be a thing??


(Version 10.21)
by 4 eyes 3 lungs 5 legs
My app keeps crashing . I restarted my phone I turned it off and on and erased the app and it still isn’t opening .

Love this app so much!

(Version 10.21)
by Ilan712


(Version 10.21)
by PeachyPink
I went to change my bitmojis outfit after an update and I've been logged out of my account. I tried logging back in, didn't work. Tried logging in with snapchat, didn't work. I tried making a new account, didn't work. No matter what I do I keep getting an error saying there's something wrong with my connection. Please fix

Keyword Search Capability

(Version 10.21)
by HaileyDavid
I LOVE LOVE this app but it would be amazing if there was a keyword search capability so you don’t have to scroll through every Bitmoji and every category to find what you are wanting. 😊

New update fail

(Version 10.21)
by Smarcotte
It won’t connect to the internet anymore :( please fix!

Keeps freezing

(Version 10.21)
by M Caro
I try to open the app but it keeps on saying “network error” even after several updates. I have internet so I dont know what the issue might be. Another thing....we need more options with skin color hair, hair styles, clothing. The whole app needs updating.

iMessage extension no longer functional

(Version 10.21)
by Shahe Dishakjian
With the latest update, the iMessage extension is completely nonfunctional and my Bitmoji no longer shows up in the Bitmoji app itself.

Great app but doesn’t work well

(Version 10.21)
by Dereon.829
It’s an great app with cool features but it crashes a lot , for some reason it no longer works on my iPhone, i click on the app it closes out before showing anything.


(Version 10.20)
by Elise0324
The app won’t even load on my phone. How frustrating!!!

App not working

(Version 10.20)
by Jenjen3383
App won’t open

Love the app but..

(Version 10.20)
by JarrettAllison2016
I love this app but its crashing when i open it. Fix it pls!

Great app

(Version 10.20)
by jellybeans4903
This app is so good, it’s like playing dress up. I love using my character to express my feelings lol. I was just wondering if you guys would incorporate a color wheel for all skin tones and lipsticks, including more clothing options?

Last couple of days.

(Version 10.20)
by Bunni0212
Last couple of days. The app wont open. When I click it it starts up, then closes. I cant even sign in. Please fix! I love the app. But it hasn't worked in a couple days.


(Version 10.15)
by Kas6710
WE NEED MORE hair colors, styles, etc. The options right now are horrible!!!!


(Version 10.20)
by Tslim28
I use to luv this app until it crashed on iPhone 7+ iOS 11.2 I hate that I updated my phone Fix It Fix It


(Version 10.20)
by NiikeSwoosh
I love the app, but for some reason it won’t allow me to even open the app. Fix this please.

Not working in latest iOS BETA (latest)

(Version 10.20)
by StaminaRecords
Not working in newest iOS beta yet just crashes

More clothes

(Version 10.20)
by That1dudex)
Everything perfect except the clothing is so tight what’s about the people that like to dress like G’s 😂 some lose pants with some Cortez and some long shirts would be nice... accessories too like piercings and tattoos would be great

App crashes before it even opens!!!!

(Version 10.20)
by Purplocity
Very disappointed

more options

(Version 10.20)
by Jessdegid
love this app! just wish you could customize more - i.e different piercings, more clothing options (maybe separates to mix and match) and more body types.


(Version 10.20)
by MmmmKnowledge
The app crashes every single time I open it

New edition

(Version 10.20)
by Mr. JMZ
Bitmoji should come up with a Welder uniform

Blowing a kiss

(Version 10.20)
by AKnowledgableFellow
Worst app ever created. When another persons Bitmoji blows you a kiss... your Bitmoji is facing the wrong way so they can’t catch it. I’m enraged. Thank you.


(Version 10.20)
by 2centpenny
Constant loading fails. Lagging daily to the point that you can’t even get an image to come up. Was pretty cool but not sure if it’s the IOS update that has caused this or changes within app. Hopefully a fix will come soon. Otherwise great app!


(Version 10.20)
by Somehuysjbsxh
I’ve noticed that my bitmoji app won’t open anymore since iOS 11 was released. During the iOS 11 betas it worked fine but since the new betas have been released I have been unable to open the app and I am very disappointed since I mistakingly unlinked my bitmoji and snapchat character


(Version 10.20)
by @calebbooker
So I’m goin about my day on snap and all and I wanna change my avatar up a little so I go to do so and open the Bitmoji app only for it to sit there at that main loading screen and crash after about 10 seconds, I think “no problem I’ll just close and reopen the app” ...doesn’t work. Then I think”delete and reinstall.” I do this about 15 times throughout the day, doesn’t work. Then I delete Snapchat and Bitmoji then go to my computer to remove any data on iCloud involving Bitmoji then restart my phone then reinstall both apps.....guess what ....DIDNT WORK!!!!! I live this app so please answer this and help me out I may be the only one idk://///


(Version 10.20)
by Softball_is_life13
I love this app, I do I find it every cool but I wish that you could make gender neutral characters, like having the boys be able to wear girl clothes and girls be able to wear boy clothes

New update

(Version 10.20)
by Farteat3r
Won’t even open. The new update won’t even let me open the app.

Doesn’t work with beta version

(Version 10.20)
by Hjo8706
Has not been updated to work with beta versions of iOS

Doesn’t work

(Version 10.20)
by JennyBooBoo23
App won’t open anymore ever since the update last week

More options should be available

(Version 10.20)
by mazzzeeee0219
I love Bitmoji. It’s one of my favorite things ever. I love to constantly change and update my appearance. However, there should be more options in several different spots including hair color, hair length, eye color, makeups, and most importantly clothing. There should be a wider variety!! It would make the app so much more fun and enjoyable. Not a lot of changes, but definitely the ones stated.

Please more hair color options!!!

(Version 10.20)
by looovemusic
You have weird colors but not a simple ashy blonde 🤔 highlights would also be amazing


(Version 10.20)
by Bennett267383836393736
It always crashes and I restarted my phone deleted the app then got it again but nothing seems to change

Crashes upon opening

(Version 10.20)
by gamerhawk57
I love the app. It has a lot of good things to it. However, whenever I try to open the app, it crashes upon opening.


(Version 10.20)
by Kahwvensjs
More hair colors, please. And also why you gotta have body types that are malnourished, scrawny, skinny, then obese? Like no normal or chubby? Come on. Slackin lol

There aren’t enough face details

(Version 10.20)
by NicholeMar
Some people have moles and beauty marks on their faces and it makes it hard to make your emoji like you

more clothing needed but it's a fun app

(Version 10.20)
by kurotsukikage
i love bitmoji, there's so many chat pictures you can use for all kinds of situations and friendmojis are fun in snapchat. my only complaint is we need more clothing... i'm thinking seasonal, we need ugly christmas sweaters and christmas light antlers for our heads and such. holiday clothing 🤤🤤

Bring back the superhero suits

(Version 10.20)
by jessybelly22
Hello Snapchat, can you guys bring back the super hero suits like Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman. I love those suits and I go to the bitmoji app and they are not there. Please bring up the suits again and see if you guys can add a "closet" from our favorite character accessories and clothes.
P.s. Big fan ,just bring back super heroes (marvel/DC)

Not working

(Version 10.20)
by Andrew_Seelig
I love bitmoji especially on snapchat with the filters and stickers but I tried editing my bitmoji today and it no longer will open the app. I tried deleting and redownloading the app and the app crashes every time I opened it. Please fix it.

needs gender neutral options

(Version 10.20)
by Miss. Senpai
love customizing a character but there needs to be a gender-neutral option where i can wear *all* of the clothing options, cause a majority of the female clothing has heels! what about individual clothing piece picking??? also more hair options please T____T


(Version 10.20)
by slimtdj11
latest update wont let app open jus keep crashing from start up screen... pls fix

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