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Jump above the line to score, but beware! The higher you get, the harder the landing will be! Don't crash and keep it smooth!

What's New in Version 2.2

- Bug fixes
- Stability improvements



(Version 1.1)
by Idonotsmokeweed
The game itself is great, but you can't do one round without there being 2 ads before the next one

Stop with the ads

(Version 1.1)
by Ntrain2319
The ads make this game stupid


(Version 1.1)
by Brody Fisher
This app changed my
I had no idea that dunes could be such a fun game I love it I love you


(Version 1.1)
by Carbono Fibrario
Entertaining, reminds my of daydreaming in the car as a child. Is there an ad free version to I can buy to remove the ads? Breaks the flow state having to wait for the commercials to end.

Great Game

(Version 1.1)
by hdjdhnf
Good graphics and concept also addicting but there are frequent ads


(Version 1.1)
by Unfiery
not much to do tbh


(Version 1.1)
by Moocow1928
I mean this is a fine game but no music at ALL

Ads ads ads

(Version 1.1)
by Dude409
Obviously there’s going to be ads for the free version, but 30 second ads after every try??? Seriously, no

Simple and fun

(Version 1.1)
by AW4451
Very addictive, fun, simple, but challenging game. Great for kids or just a cool time killer


(Version 1.1)
by 👴🔥🔥🔥🔥😱👉👃👸
All this is is a copy of tiny wings with a ball

Ads ads ads

(Version 1.1)
by MsLavishly
Another great game with add every few seconds and after every restart. Deleted within first five mins of game play.

Don’t get for young kids

(Version 1.1)
by Kerboz
The adds are inappropriate for this game

Leaderboard maybe

(Version 1.1)
by Bubble brain 17
The game is good but it could use more ball colors or skins and a global or just u.s.a leaderboard would be cool

Awesome app but it needs to stop showing adds

(Version 1.1)
by cameron harvey
I really like this game but as I’m playing and I crash it Ceeps on showing adds it’s so anoyying but I recommend you play this game it is fuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!''!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉🤑🤑🤑🤑🤠🤠🤠🤠

Tiny wings

(Version 1.1)
by SammyRocket
Rip off of tiny wings with less content.

It’s ok

(Version 1.1)
by Navyboy101
This game is ok. It feels like there should be more. This game has no sound at all so it makes it really boring to play. Also this game has way to many Adds. Just about after every time I “lose” there’s an add. It is fun for about 10 minutes if that then it’s just pointless. If they added some more to the game and made the adds less then it could be fun. But otherwise a bit of a let down.

Bast game

(Version 1.1)
by PKsoares
Muito bom

It’s okay

(Version 1.1)
by VintageladyJ
They need to stop with SO MANY ADDS! Literally I think the game is kind of fun... it needs more of an objective. It gets boring after a while.

Add fringe

(Version 1.1)
by Tbreezy_3
This game is okay, but there’s an add after every time you lose, so ridiculous!!!

Too many ads. Sorry. But no.

(Version 1.1)
by MacEdit
I can’t play a game 5 straight mins with at least 20 ads

Nothing but ads...don’t waste your time

(Version 1.1)
by Mobugger
Ratio of game to ad is really bad. Games don’t always last very long. Sometimes I play for 30 seconds and have to sit through 30 seconds of ads. It feels like mostly ads. Game play itself is not bad but not good enough to sit through all those ads.

This is so sharp

(Version 1.1)
by Qwsazxderfjvfhmk
Yo whoever made this I love you bro.This game is is on fleek,sharp,and might even be better than rolling sky.Well it is better.I just wanted you to know that you my mans and this game is on point.love you bro
Your girl D

Great idea, poor monetization scheme

(Version 1.1)
The game play is entertaining but the purchase to remove ads is a scam. You still have to watch an ad to revive yourself after stopping.

Not worth the purchase. Just play in airplane mode 👍🏻

Great Game

(Version 1.1)
by Alex pie
The game is great and I can’t stop playing this game. It’s so fun and I love the game so much.

Way...way too many ads

(Version 1.1)
by nick koulas
Too many ads

Wish it had zero stars

(Version 1.1)
by Jujehehdhdjfujfjfjdyfurjf
Wayyyy to many ads

Fix the Ad Issue

(Version 1.1)
by Global Hawk'n
Played a couple of days now. The game is fine, but the ads that take over the entire screen make me want to delete this game already! Fix that and improve what’s already there and you’ve got a great game!

Needs more

(Version 1.1)
by review0702
You’re out of your mind if you think I’m gonna pay $3 to remove ads on this boring game. Ads pop up after every two runs, I feel like I’m watching ads or than I’m playing! Not worth it at all. Maybe if there were more content, maybe a way to design your ball, earn and spend credits, just something to keep it interesting! I hate how addicting it is! I don’t not like it, but I don’t love it, but I can’t stop playing! Y’all have done something right there. Just fix the ads and add more content and definitely lower the price. Please please please lower the ridiculous price!

No sound?

(Version 1.1)
by ladydepp
I need sound effects

My Fav Game, But too Many Adds

(Version 1.1)
by ѕαρρнιяє gιяℓ 197
Dune is a great game with lots of action and is a fantastic game! But the only thing I want to change is way less adds! The more adds, the more 😡 I get! Also, it will be better if they added different balls! They may have and if so, I have not seen any of them! I hope their will be updates soon!


(Version 1.1)
by Lololololllolololololol
There are way too many adds, the game isn't good enough to purchase the no adds. ⭐️⭐️

Gay game

(Version 1.1)
by SkinnyDick33
I rated this game 5 stars but the game gay

The add machine

(Version 1.1)
by Namenick110011
So really what could be an amusing game is ruined by an add in every crash, although when you achieve perfect landings their is some satisfaction with that but at your eventual “crashing” you get another add over and over again

This is just tiny wings

(Version 1.1)
by Lightning 628
Tiny wings

Fun when you get to play

(Version 1.1)
by NilaQuake
I totally understand that ads are what make games free. However, this game crosses the line into absurdity for my taste with the amount of ad time that there is.

Too many ads!!

(Version 1.1)
by Hiddendrag0n
Ads after every other play through is WAY too often... could end up being every 30 sec if you’re doing bad. Over all game feels like that dolphin jump game on kongregate I played many years ago, except it’s literally just a ball in a desert....

Fun and simple.

(Version 1.1)
by animaniacs333
227. Beat it.


(Version 1.1)
by gbrockriede
It’s a fun game. But why would you put the settings on the game screen? As soon as you tap the settings button the screen starts moving and you can’t actually change any settings before it disappears off screen. Makes no sense.


(Version 1.1)
by logant45
Bad game. Bad adds. Money grab only.


(Version 1.1)
by poshlinahui
научитесь игры делать и не клепать такое гумно, в эп сторе такое дохренища, достаточно минуты было понять что надо сразу удалить

Good game but...

(Version 1.1)
by FrostMoney87
The game should have more to do the just ramp such as skins for the ball and stuff

Too many ads

(Version 1.1)
by Dimondc
Almost every time I need to reset there is an ad. Greedy isn’t an attractive look. The game is fun and challenging, but the ads make me want to delete it.


(Version 1.1)
by L. Bacon
You need to add more modes and have holiday updates!! It has the same thing over and over try adding more things to it!!


(Version 1.1)
by X-Paratrooper
Easy fun like chewing gum.


(Version 1.1)
by Jeff rain
This is a great game and I love playing it, therefore I would rate it 5 stars, but what makes this game almost not worth it is all the ads. Every time you are to die in the game you almost have to watch an ad over and over again


(Version 1.1)
by Tuff a Nuff
Paid for
The game so I wouldn’t see any ads but I still
Get ads

Too many ads

(Version 1.1)
by RussianManChan1
If you like ads click download. If not. Dont bother

Cooo game but hard

(Version 1.1)
by 2shu
Controls are hard to master but great graphics.

Holy Commercial!

(Version 1.1)
by Birdmen2012
If you like being forced to watch a 30 second advertisement over and over, this is the game for you!


(Version 1.1)
by EtaUpsilon
Dis have made me dizzy ☹️