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News feed jacked up

(Version 147.0)
by Violet Rocha
Not working, not updating news feed. Every time I click on a picture it kicks me off. Please fix!! Using FB on safari, on my iPad is not the same.

I had to delete and install several times, now I see I'm not the only one.

👆🏼That was fixed NOW there’s a different issue which has to do with my IP ADDRESS.

Thanks for blocking my IP ADDRESS for no reason. Today I reset my phone completely and FB AND IG are still doing the same thing:

-FB videos don’t load with my WIFI which is 100mbs.

-Pictures take forever to load on my WIFI.

-IG stories DON’T load with my WIFI.

-IG views on profiles takes a long time to load.

-IG is slow on my 100mbs WIFI

FOR BOTH services I have to use up my Unlimited Shared Data from AT&T which I’ve exceeded the 22 GBs, now when I’m on the go all of my 4 devices on my plan have to go through slow data speeds.

Why am I paying for internet at home when I can’t use it for my IG account and FB account at my own home?

Everything else works: Snapchat, Safari, and all my other apps except for FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM APPS.



(Version 147.0)
by Idk 19191919
I hate how they change everything up every single time it updates like where is my marketplace now? I don’t give a crap about all these ads and trending post about famous people....


(Version 147.0)
by Ellie.O Nef
Keeps crashing!

I want my marketplace icon again !!

(Version 147.0)
by pica de foice
I want my marketplace icon again !!


(Version 147.0)
by lazizanyc
Hi Facebook Software Engineers . I just wanted to let u know that u guys need to improve something . When u delete the app without logging out of it and while u didn't use the app and changed the FB password . And than reinstall the app again , u won't be able to login to it , it won't tell u that u changed the password and won't give an option of reentering it , it'll just keep Error *ing u. Hope I could explain this . If not contact me.
This app has 3 stars and ppl don't have a choice but use it LOL .

Need to fix notifications

(Version 147.0)
by Lsubadboy
I never get my notifications I have everything set up right for iPhone to receive them I even went into the Facebook app to receive notifications but I miss everything untill I open up the app but they used to give u a sound and vibration and notify u with a banner I have redownloaded the app several times restarted my phone done factory restore I’m over it what is the point of the app if u never get the notifications if they don’t get this fixed I’m done with it

Friends cannot tag me

(Version 147.0)
by Stefaniesat
Some of my friends cannot tag me in a comment. I already reported this but no resolution yet. Please fix this. It is important that my ALL friends should be able to tag me

iPhone X notch display issue

(Version 147.0)
by dan528
When in the main Facebook app the notch on the top of the iPhone X somehow has the battery symbol and the time shift to the left about 8 character spaces or more causing the battery symbol to partially show and the time, WiFi symbol and the LTE bars, to be removed from the top of the device.


(Version 147.0)
by EatMeGoodAndDie
Why did you remove the market?


(Version 147.0)
by caityleon98
Why take the marketplace off the most recent update? It’s ridiculous to add camera, watchlist, and a whole section for friend requests.. dumb.

Kills iPhone battery

(Version 147.0)
by dontwannacreatename
I’ve never had so many issues with this app draining my battery so much until the last few updates. I’ll spend five minutes on Facebook, and I’m drained 10% (and yes, I’ve checked this in the battery settings of my phone). I even completely close out the app from the recent apps. Not to mention all the ads all the time. You have to watch a 12 sec ad just for a 30 sec video. Definitely deleting. Not worth having a drained battery for.

New update

(Version 147.0)
by hpiper1974
The newest update for Facebook I can not even get I have the new iPhone 8 Plus and it is not even see the update where you can view movies at the bottom of Facebook when is going to work for the newest iPhones it is on my husbands iPhone 6 s but not my iPhone 8 Plus

Crash crash crash

(Version 147.0)
by oberon329
Three times today! Fix it.

Facebook - The Mobile Version

(Version 147.0)
by Wsamson95035
The mobile version of Facebook is not nearly as good as the regular version. There’s two reasons. The first being that the notifications. You can only see some of it. Literally about the first 20 of the notifications. Of course, it is a lot different on the regular version where you can everything. The other is in regards to the most updated news, etc. If you want to see the most updated feeds, then you must do a couple of extra steps. I had to literally ask one of my Facebook friends where I could see the updated feeds.

I would like to see it improved in the future.

Market place

(Version 147.0)
by Megan_Hollinger
I cannot find the market place! I loved it and cannot find it any where!!! I don't want a selling group I want the old market place back where it used to be!

Do NOT refresh my app context

(Version 147.0)
by Djw471
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost carefully crafted replies when I’ve switched briefly to Safari to grab a link before posting, because the app decided to “refresh” my context at that moment.

If it did it every time, that would be one thing. But it is both frequent and intermittent. Please do not refresh unless I ask you to refresh.

At least provide a switch setting to turn off “auto-refresh”.


(Version 147.0)
by unembodied dot tumblr dot com

Marketplace icon missing

(Version 147.0)
by Joelwayne03
Since the update the market place icon is missing from the bottom. Inspite of the latest verison and updated there is nothing as yet


(Version 147.0)
by abbykirkham
Ever since I got the new update, market place is missing on my app 🙄🤬


(Version 147.0)
by Gerri's iPhone
After the update, you want me to confirm my identity, which is fine, but your systems has some major flaws. I’ve gone through all the steps of adding my new number by having 3/5 friends give me a 4 digit code, received the 6 digit code Facebook give me through a text, I put the code and then you send another 6 digit code to my old number. I am a service member living overseas, and I couldn’t care less about Facebook, but messenger is my primary means of communication with my wife, family, and friends while I’m overseas for the next few years. What was the point of adding my new number because I “don’t have access” to my old phone #(which is an option when trying to recover an account)? I’ve added my new number, got the code, clicked on the link, and you still bring me back to a webpage that says “we’ve sent a code to [old number] please insert code when text is received”. How thick are you?

The I️ is changing to an A or question mark on FB.

(Version 147.0)
by gabsterat
It’s annoying when we can’t correct the error. What’s going on?

Worst update ever!

(Version 147.0)
by JenOSullivan
What happened? The FB live is nutty bad!!!

App isn’t working on my iPad today

(Version 147.0)
by Carolxxx
Today I am unable to access FB on my iPad Air 2, as whenever I click on the app, it shuts down. I tried to send a message to,the developer, but apparently you have to do that from the app, which I can’t access.

I love Facebook, but am very upset.

(Version 147.0)
by Godsnotdead777followhimnow
Where is the Market place? There is this video category in the place of it, and it’s very dumb.

Data drain

(Version 147.0)
by Jblackz69
Docs and Synch on my iPhone was draining my data plan. On any given period that I was monitoring it, it would account for 2/3 of data usage even though iCloud synch was set to update only on WiFi! Usage was in the hundreds of MB over the course of as little as a day. My brother suggested I uninstall Facebook and Messenger. Now, not only is data usage waaay down, Docs and Synch is in the bottom tier of system stats. This app is at best garbage and at worst a spy tool.

Cmon Facebook

(Version 147.0)
by 😀5star
I (among many other iOS users) have noticed that the marketplace icon has completely disappeared. There also appears to be no way to access it from the settings. Also, many users have contacted Facebook and a lot of these employees haven’t a clue of the issue. I’ll just pile this on my growing list of reasons to delete Facebook.


(Version 147.0)
by Salbert1
My Facebook updated two days ago and now I have no Facebook marketplace. Like I buy and sell quite a bit. And that was very helpful to have that now it’s gone. Bring it back.

Marketplace disappeared!

(Version 147.0)
by sarahhans0n
I’m a full time college student and I rely on marketplace to quickly sell items here and there so make a quick buck— out of no where the marketplace icon disappeared! So frustrating! There’s been other reports of this and I need it to come back! It doesn’t even show up when I log into Facebook on a desktop/ laptop. Maddening!!!!

Problem opening notifications

(Version 147.0)
by Joma ma
I’ve had a problem opening my notifications for 8+ months now and no FB updates have corrected it. It will let me open 4-5 notifications then the screen completely freezes up. I have to double tap to close the app out, then reopen FB, then my notifications to start all over. Beyond frustrating!

Let me decided when to refresh.

(Version 147.0)
by tramarie
I hate the way I can’t leave the app for a few minutes to do something then come back and finish what I was reading. Even if I had an article open and was only mid way thru, the app refreshes and I have to find it all over again or just can’t finish what I was reading. The Twitter app does not do that. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤔😡


(Version 147.0)
by Kesh0515
It’s telling me that I have 10 notifications, I click on it and I have either 1 or none. It’s frustrating. Please fix it.

Too many me’s

(Version 147.0)
by justnjm
Some way, some how, I ended up with TWO Facebook accounts!!! I only want my ORIGINAL ONE. It seems impossible to get it back. I have tried and having gone through Chemo and radiation, I just don’t have the patience to mess with it ! I wish y’all could fix it to my original, also my original email account needs help everything is a mess please HELP !!! And as far as your advertisements, y’all need to curb your enthusiasm, I believe you are destroying what once was a top of the line product.

What is with the ? Marks instead of the emoticon

(Version 147.0)
by JustAnotherName23
Can you explain why question marks take the place of hearts, smiles, animals... whatever... no matter what.. that stupid ? Mark pops up in its place! Very irritating and annoying!!! Please make it stop !!! 😡


(Version 147.0)
by ava granados
I cannot access gifs on all posts. I can only access them on some posts. PLEASE FIX!!

Worst app ever

(Version 147.0)
by Veeeeeeeeeeeeee_
annoying . always sponsoring something , ads , game requests . Now facebook is ruining instagram entirely . Please just delete facebook . Leave it in the past like Myspace . Its useless .

Chain letter and the likes

(Version 147.0)
by Barbran
What’s up with these chain letters and similar ones that you have to send to several people or something negative with happen. I believe what is for me is for me. I also believe in God the Father, God the son and God the Holy Ghost. Facebook l thought was and is a social media that we can use to communicate and network, for those who who came late in the game this was supposed to be the internet super highway.

Not made for 12” iPad

(Version 147.0)
by Ty.9847
Looks horrible on the larger ipad.

Total Cluster

(Version 147.0)
by Bird1202
Was experiencing issues with the App not updating content and so I deleted and reinstalled from the App Store. It’s like I’m in the Twilight Zone...the version that download is like from over a year ago?? The UI is totally missing so much functionality I won’t even waste time listing off all the missing features. Hope someone fixes this ASAP

The speed is slow

(Version 147.0)
by Johnfarless
Today for some reason the speed is getting slow today


(Version 147.0)
by Vinnievaden
I don’t know what is going on with the IOS version of Facebook, but it slower than hell right now , my comments won’t load and I can’t see more than 5 post.
I’ve updated, uninstalled and then reinstalled, checked my internet connection, turned my phone off then back on, nothing seems to help.


(Version 147.0)
by matbry
The app keeps freezing and won’t load my profile

Keeps crashing

(Version 147.0)
by Alciedalcie
-App crashes several times a day.
-App prompts me to enter my password several times a day when I never signed out.
-I hate that I see every single thing my friends like, every person they have just friended too. I do not want to see pictures of people I'm not friends with just because my friend liked or commented on a post.
-Allow us to turn off live notifications and still follow someone.
-I don't want to see suggested friends. They're always people I don't even know.

Not good

(Version 147.0)
by Salah Amari

Developers please fix

(Version 147.0)
by Cristy Crafty
QUIT resetting to the top of my feed if I’m away from the app for a few moments. This is maddening! Then I can’t even find what I was was reading it’s been sent to the depths of my feed. It’s making me not even want to bother with FB anymore.

Where’s my pages?

(Version 147.0)
by Sadiepeachs
In the new update the pages are missing from the menu

Stop changing look of comments

(Version 147.0)
by Bravehoratius
FB, you keep changing the look of comments. Hate the bubble look. Will not update app on iPad. Will no longer use app on iPhone. Hate it!!!

Nothing works

(Version 147.0)
by Wardawg1305
Tired of delays and slow loading up or app doesn’t load up at all, just a white blank space.
Making reports to Facebook is a waste of time.

Iphone 6s 64

(Version 147.0)
by glen hamer
Facebook crash crash crash crash alll the time 😡😡😡😡😡

No Marketplace

(Version 147.0)
by Rosentel12
I don’t have the marketplace icon at the bottom of the app. I just updated last week. My husband I have exact same phone, iPhone 6. He can see it and uses it, but I can’t. He’ll send me items listed on the marketplace to look at and it shuts down Facebook altogether. I went to the actual marketplace community on Facebook and when I click on anything it kicks me completely out of Facebook. Soooo aggravating.

Facebook Market Place

(Version 147.0)
by Lovesomepeople102
What happened to Facebook Market place my sister has it on her phone but mine isn’t there...I sold on there before but now it just vanished from the app for me