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Google Maps makes navigating your world faster and easier. Find the best places in town and the information you need to get there.

Get there faster with real-time updates
• Beat traffic with real-time ETAs and traffic conditions
• Catch your bus, train, or ride-share with real-time transit info
• Save time with automatic re-routing based on live traffic, incidents, and road closures
• Don't miss a turn or exit with lane guidance
• Find pit stops along your route like gas stations and coffee spots

Discover places and explore like a local
• Find top-rated restaurants and local businesses, wherever you are
• Decide on the best places to go with reviews, ratings, and pictures of foods and interiors
• Plan your visit and see menus, make reservations, and find when places are typically busiest
• Help others discover the best places by sharing reviews, photos and more
• Save places you want to or often visit, and quickly find them later from any computer or device

Experience the Google Maps difference
• Offline maps to search and navigate without an internet connection
• Street View and indoor imagery for restaurants, shops, museums and more
• Indoor maps to quickly find your way inside big places like airports, malls and stadiums
• Comprehensive, accurate maps in 220 countries and territories
• Transit schedules and maps for over 15,000 cities
• Detailed business information on over 100 million places

* Some features not available in all countries
**Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

What's New in Version 4.41

Thanks for using Google Maps! This release brings support for iPhone X in addition to bug fixes that improve our product to help you discover new places and navigate to them. Get the latest version for all of the available Google Maps features.


Update for iPad Pro 10.5

(Version 4.39)
by Dnwr12
Excellent app never had any problems but it needs to be updated for the iPad Pro 10.5 screen resolution.

Where’s the iPhone X update?

(Version 4.39)
by mixolyd
Still no update for iPhone X. Cmon google

Needs iPhone X optimization - otherwise, great!

(Version 4.39)
by iBest12
Easily the best maps app out there, and I would gladly rare it 5 stars but - as of now - it's not yet optimized for iPhone 10.

Unreliable with iOS 11

(Version 4.39)
by JumpingWill
I’m currently in Taipei and with the newest update google map has rendered itself unreliable. Two same train stations with the same name when they’re not the same. A restaurant search that leads me to nowhere.

iPhone X

(Version 4.39)
by JONatx
Google you’re a multi billion dollar company. W/ thousands of software engineers and stuff. What’s taking you so long to release an update that actually fits iPhone X screen?!

iPhone X Update?

(Version 4.39)
by saltdog55
Why release an update early without optimizing for iPhone X?

My Essential App

(Version 4.39)
by Kevin_of_NYC
Google Maps is handy. I live in NYC and I use it everyday. It's reliable, keeps me updated on subway and traffic statuses and helps me find stores and restaurants very quickly. It's an essential app to have on your phone especially if you live in a city.

Not support iPhone X

(Version 4.39)
by shawn.wjx
Not support iPhone X

iPhone X support required

(Version 4.39)
by Hopkins11
Apple Maps has gotten significantly better. In the absence of iPhone X support I will switch to Apple Maps for now

Bring it back

(Version 4.39)
by Venkat saj
I like maps, but after the latest update its malfunctioning. Can’t use it at all please bring it back

Updating for iPhone X

(Version 4.39)
by juegojohnny
Please update for iPhone X as soon as possible

Dost work in iran

(Version 4.39)
by Alirezakhaghani
Some things in iran don’t work like guide with voice and if I going wrong google map can’t make best way
Thank you for google

iPhone X support place

(Version 4.39)
by Better1231
Waiting and waiting

still looks like garbage on iphone x.

(Version 4.39)
by Yadwick
stupid update fixed nothing for iphone x does not fill screen, they took away clock om horizontal view. it looks like i am using a windows phone to be honest. complete garbage

Not optimized for IPhone X

(Version 4.39)
by Saptak
I hope google optimizes this app for iPhone X soon. It’s unbelievable that google could not muster developer resources to optimize it for iPhone X unless they are doing it on purpose

Do something for iPhone X!

(Version 4.39)
by 光拾
do something for iPhone X!

Filters dont work

(Version 4.39)
by Grhzndjxnxb
When searching for businesses you can no longer filter by ones that are "open now". Also when driving the app now constantly refreshes your route if you exit the app, that means extra data usage or even lost directions if your service is low. Too many unnecessary changes to this app leads me to rate it one star.

Edit: No optimization for iPhone X. Also you now need to go through several screens to list directions. 1 star for now..

iPhone X?

(Version 4.39)
by Prof_Strangeman
Hello? You had atleast 60 days to make this happen.

Optimize for iPhone X

(Version 4.39)
by Junaidriz
Please optimize the App for iPhone X - its my most used app

Its 5 star app but

(Version 4.39)
by Chrnrdy
Dear Google, please update app for iPhone X.

New Maps awful

(Version 4.38)
by Ed jones1
I could never understand how anyone used Waze, and now Google's map display is more like waze.

Suddenly Apple maps looks like the go-to nav app. (And that's not a positive development).

iPhone X Update?

(Version 4.39)
by Kono1982


(Version 4.39)
by ابو محمد العازمي
البرنامج ممتاز لاكن اذا ذهبت للصحراء لايعطي طريق بالصحراء مستقيم للوجه التي اريدها ارجو التطوير فقط بالصحراء

Pretty good

(Version 4.39)
by Shaw555
Staff was friendly and the food was okay. My food was served kind of like warm.

Not updated for iPhone X

(Version 4.39)
by Bonn89
You had all summer, Google.

Great Panera Management & Staff

(Version 4.39)
We had a great visit today at Moreno Valley Panera. The Manager was terrific and the staff was friendly and efficient . We ordered from our laptops and the food came fast and was simply delicious .

Jory Blake

No iPhone X

(Version 4.39)
by clever_cuban
No iPhone X support will change to 5 when it gets it

What happened?

(Version 4.39)
by KaceeC
Google Maps was my jam, but there was a recent update and now Google Maps has NO idea where I’m at and can’t recover if I go a different direction then it tells me to. I continually update it to see if it gets corrected, but it’s been over a week. I guess I’m a Waze person now.

Would be 5 stars

(Version 4.39)
by stuartc93
Support for iPhone X?!

Needs speed limit for road I’m on

(Version 4.39)
by Mr Gotrocks
Great app but needs speed limit for the road your on. Other than that works great!

Give us exit numbers!

(Version 4.38)
by proflutist
Mostly love this app, but it's beyond irritating that the exit number doesn't show up until the last mile. For example, if I'm on a highway and I want to know whether it's going to tell me to take exit 21 or 18 (because I know both are options), but it just says "89 miles to route 27," this is useless! And there's obviously room for it because it does show up at the end. Why not let us have advanced warning? I don't know the numbers of the tiny state and city routes, and I need more than miles to plan ahead. Don't be so stingy with exit numbers! So frustrating.

iphone X

(Version 4.39)
by ricanflava216

Some issues on map

(Version 4.38)
by Ma009
Mostly correct, but there are some errors in the map directions.

Today’s release slowed maps down

(Version 4.39)
by Jkuehl
Longer pauses in ‘direction routes’ & highlights appearing and disappearing.
It seems like it is ‘taxing’ the phone too heavily . iPhone 6s iOS 11.1

Needs updates for iPhone X

(Version 4.39)
by jhseattle
Fix the form factor of the app to not letterbox on iPhone X.

Google Maps

(Version 4.39)
by BuddyK19
Simple, Fast, and easily accessible for all to enjoy without the burden of being frustrated.

Works great around the world

(Version 4.39)
by aprilzero
Couldn’t survive without google maps

Best map

(Version 4.39)
by theknife81
This is the best map, I wish Siri was able to search address using google maps

Does not support iPhone X

(Version 4.39)
by M Bahareth
Very sad that the newly issued update doesn’t support iPhone X

Not as bad as other Reviews say!

(Version 4.39)
by Mr Gryphon
We went in the day about 1pm on a Monday.. This is a dive neighborhood bar ( just what we were looking for) about 12 people inside all at the bar and they ALL look at you when you come in, but no worries they warm up quick as you present yourself as a decent people. Pool tables were clean and affordable. Beer was cold and prices were Good $8 a pitcher w 8oz chilled glasses. Music was supplied by a paid jukebox playin all the latest jams! Only downside were the bathrooms (men’s)..although clean they had the smell that the bar had been there 25 yrs ( which it had) and smelled like a NYC elevator IMO.. I would definitely return to this joint and am curious what the nighttime crowd is like!!

Best update yet.

(Version 4.39)
by Jahwrx
Last update was huge. As a delivery driver, inputting multiple destinations and starting a route has been made quicker and easier. Finally the option to just go instead of having to see the preview route. Hoping future updates will have nighttime display option when you’re not in a trip, as well as a “Return” option that you can use to navigate back to your origin point!
Also hoping for ability to highlight police speed traps and locations like the alternative app.

Suite life miami

(Version 4.39)
by hhahahshebdjx
I had the best weekend with my girlfriends. We flew down from Montreal for my best friends bachelorette. We rented 2 apartments and I have to say what an incredible hotel. The view was stunning!! Its close to amazing restaurants and clubs. Beach front and pool was very clean. I recommend this to anyone trying to get away for the weekend!

Needs iPhone X support

(Version 4.39)
by Soren446
Please update to support the iPhone X. This update did not include support.


(Version 4.39)
by AntHallock
Love the app! Please update for iPhone X though!

Best GPS

(Version 4.39)
by al19859922
Can you please update your app for iPhone X! For crying out loud! The empty chunks of screen drive me nuts! 😡

Update it to iPhone X

(Version 4.39)
by 5rikanth
I use to more than Apple maps. But no support for iPhone X yet.


(Version 4.39)
Update the app for iPhone X


(Version 4.39)
by Benjiden
It’s not optimized for iPhone X screen, despite updates.

iPhone X

(Version 4.39)
by djenriq
No iPhone X support. Sad Panda!

Hasn’t supported iPhone X’s screen yet

(Version 4.39)
by Asalmajed
It is an amazing app to use for traveling and directions, but it is still has not been updated to support iPhone X’s screen.

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