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With HBO NOW you can watch big premieres as they air—plus every episode of HBO's addictive series such as Game of Thrones, Westworld, The Deuce, and so much more.

In addition to getting new movies every week, you also get news, comedy specials, smart talk shows, thought-provoking documentaries, and the special events everyone's talking about.

Getting started is easy. Just download the app to sign up for your free 1-month trial (then just $14.99/month. Free trial is for new customers only.). Watch on your favorite screen—phone, tablet, connected TV or gaming device—and on your computer at Cancel anytime.

Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal, as stated above, within 24-hours prior to the end of the current billing period. You can manage your subscription and/or turn off auto-renewal by visiting your iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

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What's New in Version 2.6.0

• Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes


Please add iPhone X support and a continue watching section

(Version 2.6.0)
by Michaelth08
I hate having to search for a show to keep watching it. Please add support for the iPhone X as well.

HBO now couldn’t watch

(Version 2.6.0)
by Krisk333
Some reason it just keeps freezing up and I got it to watch game of thrones , it freezes so often makes it unwatchable , not impressed , trying to figure out how to unsubscribe


(Version 2.6.0)
by BDT18
While casting to Chromecast, the episode sits there “loading” the whole time while it plays on my TV and doesn’t allow me to do anything (pause, turn subtitles off, etc. I have to watch everything with subtitles because the app is always “loading” the episode. $15 a month for this?????

Time for Live

(Version 2.6.0)
by PeaceWarrior2000
Make live shows live. Time to stop letting us be the neglected stepchild. Figure it out and MAKE IT HAPPEN!! ;)

Not great

(Version 2.6.0)
by Gethelpfromgoogle
Why do we get access to Overtime before we can watch Real Time with Bill Maher? This makes no sense because you can't watch overtime until you watch the actual episode, so are you purposefully trying to anger the people who are paying extra for this service?
Also, there's not enough good movies and shows to justify paying more than Netflix.
Also, the app forces you to use your tablet sideways in landscape mode... not a big deal, but slightly annoying.
Bottom line: when game of thrones ends, so does my subscription.

Absolutely horrid

(Version 2.6.0)
by Pmod90
Loads of bugs which they never fix.
My biggest problem is they don't have support to continue watching multiple shows.

Constantly freezes

(Version 2.6.0)
by DothrakiHordeNed
My connection is great, it's just this app is absolutely horrendous. I cannot go two minutes without the app freezing and buffering, coming back to normal than freezing and buffering again. It's horrible. I just want to get what I'm paying for. I don't know why the developers couldn't just follow Netflix's lead on how to handle this situation. Very disappointed.

Layout suckage 🙄

(Version 2.6.0)
by Gracie_Lou_82
Ok. I give it two stars because it does play the shows I like. Like Game of Thrones. But just don’t expect it to remember where you were in an episode if you end up closing the app out. Also if you put a show in the “watchlist” category, don’t expect the whole show and all its seasons to be in the watchlist suddenly. Oh no, it only puts just that one episode you have selected in the watchlist. Once you have watched it...... yup 🙃 you guessed it .... it clears the episode out and BAM nothing is left in yah watchlist. Now I will give a small handclap for them now adding a continue watching list, but you have to get into the watchlist to even continue watching something. Operating this on IOS devices is annoying and on my PlayStation as well. I mean I’m annoyed by this layout they have chosen and it’s not easy to use at all. You really have to want to watch a show to constantly have to search for the episodes. And yes there is a choice to continuing watching a season at the end of every episode, but if ur not paying attention when the credits roll.... don’t expect that it will automatically start the next episode lol. I’m paying $14.99 which is the same price anyone would pay for HBO on satellite and cable providers. But for the money I’m paying I expect a way better app especially from a long standing house hold name like HBO. Hire a better application graphics team or get the same ones back to the art board to re-work their layout.

Works Fine on My IPad; But No Watchlist

(Version 2.6.0)
by Bull Brucer
I delayed getting this app due to the problems I read about. But I’ve not encountered any problems.

Pluses - I’ve used it for about 6 weeks (including binging two seasons of my fave shows), and experienced no crashes. The episodes always open up where I left them off.

Areas for Improvement - I do have to remember which episode to return to, but that’s pretty easy. Also, there is no watchlist queue. However, the impact of that is mitigated by the final area for improvement: there is actually very little content. It’s harder to discern that from seeing HBO’s cable schedule. However, when you scroll through all HBO’s content very quickly on the app, you realize there’s just not much there.


(Version 2.6.0)
by Wickedcor
Absolutely terrible app. I literally have to search for everything I watch. Casting to chromecast is an absolute chore. I have to disconnect every time. The screen to control the stream disappears every time. Please consider burning this app and starting anew.

One Star Doesn’t Even Explain It

(Version 2.6.0)
by Prophet Tha Gr8
This is marketed as a streaming service yet I just be the only person with a Chromecast that’s having an error 3 message. I called and complained about this message and didn’t get any help, basically that their escalating the issue to the developers. The developers responded with a 7 part question, more like a scavenger hunt for a ton of misc. info of IP address things like that. So I provide the info and do hear back for a couple weeks. They did get back to me telling me that it’s tripping off an error 3? I could have told you that and I did! I have yet to understand the time lapse on why it took to long, basically they tell me to unplug the chromecast and plug it back in?!?!!!! For real??? All that for some basic plug and unplug? You must be kidding? Nope, it’s all they had for me. Unbelievable and then proceeded to tell me the problem lies with Google and to call them. So, I’m out $30 for a less than sub-par product and your help team isn’t fooling anyone. I would never purchase this and I’m letting everyone know to not do the same. HBO took my $$$, don’t let them take yours.

Login Failed

(Version 2.6.0)
by Cuberopc
I can’t login, email field has blank space
I have IPhone 7 Plus, iOS 11.1

Have To Watch HBONOW Using This App

(Version 2.6.0)
by frankytj
I have yet to watch HBONOW on my iPhone using this app! I keep getting an error message regarding the extraction of media.


(Version 2.6.0)
by Hpfan1992
This has to be the worst streaming App I have ever used. When I try and watch anything the screen often freezes, loses quality, or even stops working all together and I constantly have to either restart the app or even shut down my phone to get it to work somewhat better or at all. I shouldn’t have to restart an app 10 times to finish a 1 hour program. Fix your app HBO

Bad streaming and broken cancelation.

(Version 2.5.0)
by D_P_G
The streaming quality through this app was horrible. I am connected to 60mb down internet and the quality looked like I was streaming from a potato. I immediately canceled the same day. I was charged. I canceled again. I was charged again. I have canceled a third time and have contacted apple, we will see if it works this time. Beware.

Minor improvements

(Version 2.6.0)
by christian_holla_hanson

Content is great and movie selection is full of new stuff compared to competitor like Hulu. Definitely a reason that makes it stand out among the rest.


App needs tweaking across all platforms, including Apple TV 4th gen. / 4K. For example when you try to add a tv show to your watchlist it only adds individual episodes - not the entire series (super annoying). Then when you try to add movies to your watchlist there’s a 50/50 chance that your watchlist will actually show that you added them. Then when you’re watching a tv show and you finish the episode you’re not prompted with the “watch next episode” (found on Netflix, Hulu, and every other streaming service). You have to manually go through and select the next one. I know that doesn’t seem like a huge deal, and it really isn’t but it’s something so simple to fix that I don’t understand it’s an issue. Every other streaming service understands that people are probably going to want to watch the next episode.

Bottom line:

HBO Now is great, but for $14.99 a month the app better work a lot better than what it does very soon or i’ll be cancelling my membership because the content isn’t worth the hassle of navigating the interface

Not cast friendly

(Version 2.6.0)
by badappsmakemesad
It’s impossible to maintain a connection to a Chromecast or Visio SmartCast, which makes it very difficult to even pause a stream. Basic functionality doesn’t even work. I have no idea why anyone would *pay* to use this app or why HBO can’t pay a proper studio to develop the app to at least be useable.

Used to love it

(Version 2.6.0)
by itokei
Great content but the app itself seems to be getting worse every update. HBO FIX THIS! You're charging $15 A MONTH for a subscription, do it right or we'll take our money somewhere else.

Worst app

(Version 2.6.0)
by Huzaifa Ahmed
Worst app ever, they’ll charge your money even though you cancelled your subscription. Scammers!!

Great content lousy interface

(Version 2.6.0)
by waiting for updated
Netflix has spoiled me. Just a list that I have to scroll through. Keep getting error message for watchlist. Will not update. Doesn’t play the next episode when using chrome cast. No way to see which episodes I’ve watched.

Not bad not great

(Version 2.6.0)
by WJS6495
Aside from a few hard crashes the app works as intended.

This App is Useless

(Version 2.6.0)
by jsparker77
I use HBO Now on my PC and it works fine. I have never once gotten this app to work ever. I try every couple months and get the same message that an error occurred. So if you're looking to get HBO Now, don't plan on watching it with the app. I'm shocked HBO would even allow their name to be out on this garbage.

Casting Does Not Work

(Version 2.6.0)
by stolz55
Whenever I try to cast from the HBO Now app to my chromecast the seek bar NEVER works and I am never able to play or pause when I want to. Honestly the HBO service is almost not worth it because the app that you need to power it is awful. Please fix it!


(Version 2.6.0)
by Nursefluffers
I’m glad this is the free trial, the sound goes out lol the time, it’s always loading and the picture quality is not consistent

Live outside US, Can’t access but paid my monthly fee

(Version 2.6.0)
by AWWHall
I have paid my monthly subscription fee but can’t access as it says not available in my region. We have selected HBO on cable here so why can’t I access it


(Version 2.6.0)
by tmking80
Every time I open the app it keeps freezing or closing. I’m not even able to sign into my account.

Fantastic Beastly Problem

(Version 2.6.0)
by Topwahine
For some reason the movie Fantastic Beasts is streaming so dark in my Kindle Fire HD that I can’t see a lot of it. Is there some kind of adjustment I need to make? I installed and reinstalled the app but no joy.

Sign Out All Devices

(Version 2.6.0)
by sentientlee
There is literally no way to sign people out of your account if you’ve ever signed into their device. There is zero support for kicking people off of your subscription that should no longer have access to your HBO Now account.

HBO wants you to share your account with as many people possible and doesn’t care about how many people are getting HBO for free and not paying.

Until they add a feature to sign out all devices, I’m adding as many people to my account as possible. Changing your password doesn’t work, and I’m not abandoning my email address to setup a new account under a new email.

This is a basic feature that so many apps have. It’s mind boggling that they don’t have this feature for user security reasons even!

I can’t sign in with Hulu?

(Version 2.6.0)
by gottaHaveThemThrones
Not sure what’s going on but it keeps saying ‘Account already linked’ when I go to the sign in option. Bug?

Canceled subscription but still charged

(Version 2.6.0)
by Nyrab rules!
I canceled my HBO subscription within the timeframe but was still charged $14.99. Seems impossible to find anyone to dispute the charge.

Surprised it's so bad

(Version 2.6.0)
by MisterToad
I expected a lot more from HBO.

App is glitchy, often quitting when moving around the UI. Buffering often, when all my other apps like Hulu, Netflix work smoothly, and I have a very fast connection.

Also, why are shows delayed? Real Time, John Oliver etc are delayed hours. Why? Just today, Saturday 8/19 Real Time episode from last night still isn't available, and what shows in the app is an incomplete version starting halfway through.

And why, oh why, is something as simple as a ‘season pass’ not enabled? It’s 2017; most other streaming apps let you set a favorite series and tracks your episodes watched, even partial episodes. The developers need to look at Hulu or Netflix as examples of how to write a proper streaming app.

Very poor, and damaging to HBO's reputation.

Solution: what works for me is to trash this awful app. And subscribe to HBO via Hulu. That way, all my gripes about the watch list, smooth performance are solved as you’re now within the vastly superior Hulu UI. Same money, much better experience.

Not user friendly at all! The worst app.

(Version 2.6.0)
by ColleenAyres92
What shame that they are such a huge industry, they charge as much as they do for subscription fees, and they still can't even make a halfway decent app so that we can view the movies and shows that they spend all of that money on. There's no way to make a list of the shows/movies your currently watching - you can only add certain episodes to your watchlist. No way to favorite or make any lists so that you can find what you were watching when you come back to it at a later time. No personalized suggested or easy way to find anything at all, really. Doesn't work well when using multiple devices to stream. All-around bad design. Clearly a very basic design with no actual thought put into it.

Hard to cancel.

(Version 2.6.0)
by Tech4Tech
This is the worst app I have ever had.

But at your own risk.

Content slow to load

(Version 2.5.0)
by SpartySal
Shows will freeze up mid episode. I can't believe people are expected to pay $16 on top of wifi/data costs for this.


(Version 2.6.0)
by Mr_BrendenJohnson
It is very disappointing that streaming services are not supported in the Republic of Korea, South Korea.

Works well

(Version 2.6.0)
by christobamistan
Problems seem fixed to me. Good app.

Horrible App

(Version 2.6.0)
by Brandon1351
Love the content.. HATE the app. Never works right. Always glitching. By far the most unreliable streaming app out there.

Almost perfect

(Version 2.6.0)
by atramento_cor
Just a couple of things: if I add a movie, or tv show, to my watchlist I expect it to be there the next day. Tv shows don’t show up in watch list. It would also be nice for movies and shows to pick up where I left off.


(Version 2.6.0)
by Sym-Chris
Issues issues issues


(Version 2.6.0)
by bro cook
Terrible streaming and casting

Update needed

(Version 2.6.0)
by SethTnk
Since updating to ios 11 the app no longer works. When I try to log in via an itunes subscription I get a username/pw error— but I know they are correct. Other people in my house with their own devices and accounts have the same error .

Edit— they updated. iTunes accounts still dont work

Good Enough

(Version 2.6.0)
by ShaScales
I'm happy with it. Yes, it does tend to not pick up approximately where I left off but eh, I get to binge watch GOT so I'm satisfied.

Pretty terrible

(Version 2.6.0)
by Tyguy11111
HBO Now is pretty poor quality. The price is twice as much as Netflix and about half as good. Extended buffering time should be expected, even if your internet provides quality download times.

Tethering with the use of an apple lightning adaptor is even more frustrating. The app needs deleted and re-downloaded on a regular basis to allow for this option.

Customer service may actually be worse than the app itself. Any issue you have will be attempted to be resolved with a screenshot of the HBO FAQ page. Even when you kindly ask that they not send you the HBO FAQ page, you still get the screenshot of the HBO FAQ page.

I have spoken with a number of people who have had the same type of issues over a year ago with the app, so I don’t expect a solution anytime soon. At least not until someone adds the solution to the HBO FAQ page.

Basically committed theft

(Version 2.6.0)
by Ricky Clyde
If I could give zero stars I would. I paid for this app for several months and and after setting my subscription for non renewal they instantly deactivated my account and disallowed my ability to use the app for a full 10 days that I had already paid for. My Apple ID even shows that I should have access for the aforementioned 10 days That’s theft HBO, you have to honor the period for which I have already paid. Apple has been notified.


(Version 2.6.0)
by iyizu
Please give us downloads!!!

Needs live streaming

(Version 2.6.0)
by Stevelach
Other than that it’s all good.

Poorly Executed, Great Product

(Version 2.5.0)
by Vidal E.
As others have stated, nothing about this service is intuitive whatsoever. It has been a pain every step of the way from account creation, billing, and finally finding a way to cancel my subscription.

Remove the ads from the begining of episodes

(Version 2.5.0)
by Jtsitatisjfzktslyxotsitstshfoh
The app and website work perfectly most of the time for me. My only complaint is the ads, Please remove the ads at the begining of episodes for other programs.

Hangs all the time

(Version 2.5.0)
by AT 1977
You know it’s a bad app if you are better off waiting for the show to come up on you tube the next day. Stuff hangs all the time.

Lacks basic features common to other streaming services

(Version 2.5.0)
by WriterJamie
While the content is great, the interface is frustrating—and this applies not just to the iOS app, but also web and Roku. There’s no way to add an entire series to your Watch List without doing it for each individual episode. The “Continue Watching” option doesn’t bring up the next episode in the series. It’s very frustrating.