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HotSchedules is the industry's leading employee scheduling app because it’s the fastest and easiest way to manage your schedule and communicate with your team.

Team members love it because they can swap, pick-up or release shifts with one click. Work-life balance is easily managed with automatic shift pick ups when you want more hours, and time off requests for when you don’t. Calendar sync and notifications keep your Schedules and the roster automatically updated to your phone with any manager-approved changes.

Managers appreciate the 75% time savings when building schedules and one-click approvals for shift changes. The ability to monitor business performance with sales and labor snapshots from anywhere, keeps them out of the back office. And most importantly, staying connected with broadcast and one-to-one messaging makes for a happy and productive team culture.

NOTE: The HotSchedules application REQUIRES a valid HotSchedules user account through your employer.

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What's New in Version 4.70.0

The apps's image has been optimized for the new iPhone X display. Now if only we could help you with that shattered screen.
Various improvements and bug fixes.
Thought of the week - The only part of your reflection you can lick is your tongue.


Different jobs

(Version 4.67.1)
by nattsuzanne
Really should be able to combine different jobs into one schedule

Not working on iPhone X

(Version 4.67.1)
by vng1906
Got iPhone X install the app, it asked to enter provider, fix it please

Update: as of nov 6 I still do have this problem on my iPhone X


(Version 4.67.1)
by gianlucaf14
Why doesn’t this cost money?

Prettyy sweet

(Version 4.67.0)
by AquarioV
It’s a great app, I used it here and there before. But with my new job is the main tool. And it’s quite awesome, waaayyy easier than the website version and it makes communicating fast & easy. No robot, just a happy customer.

Multi-user annoyance&Depends on your employer

(Version 4.67.0)
by CJMobb
I have had hot schedules for three different jobs and it really depends on what version your company has. It would also be nice to be able to switch accounts without logging in and logging out so like Twitter or Instagram you can switch to your other account quickly and easily hot schedule does not allow that. That should be on their next update.


(Version 4.67.0)
by Masefi
Please add a week by week "number of hours scheduled" feature and the ability to view your time cards through the app for employees

Color is horrendous

(Version 4.67.0)
by Fathoms211
What’s up with the puke green color? Surely, there’s a better color out there.

Great sense of humor

(Version 4.67.0)
by M.U. Layte
Very amusing descriptions

No se puede

(Version 4.67.0)
by Agapito 78
Entrar en la aplicación mucha lata y les mande mensaje años de la aplicación y nunca contestaron

Apple Watch app needs help

(Version 4.67.0)
by Mark4074
Please add cellular support for series 3 watch! Cannot use the watch app when I don’t have the phone with me.

It's cool

(Version 4.66.0)
by angeltherockstar
5 stars. But sometimes it soft-locks when I open up the mass messages in the top right corner.


(Version 4.66.0)
by HeatherLynnnnnnnn
Fast app never have had any problems, worth it 😊

I have to pay twice?

(Version 4.66.0)
by cricketzuum
I uninstalled this app of my phone once and then I tried to install again but now I have to pay for this app again!!! I think is not fear if I have to pay twice for this app!!


(Version 4.66.0)
by brandon1316c
I’m not able to contact half my coworkers that work foh

Mobile Scheduling

(Version 4.66.0)
by gbrito94
Can you guys create an app where the schedule can be made on my phone and not, necessarily, on a computer!? That would be awesome!


(Version 4.66.0)
by trinicostarican
First time using and love the app


(Version 4.66.0)
by Leo.Sierra
I check my bitche’s schedule here all the time..makes life easier thanks #SPRINKLES

Please update for iOS 11

(Version 4.66.0)
by Clumsy_horse
Thank you!

The convenience is worth the price

(Version 4.66.0)
by Miss13chris
I use this for work. A lot. Atleast a dozen times a day. It’s three bucks, worth every penny for the convenience of being connected so easily.

Put the “View Entire Sched”

(Version 4.66.0)
by Channity
The app is all good but it is much better (i think) if there will be an option to view the entire sched (including my sched and co-worker’s sched) like the one on the website. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease

Honestly it's better than I expected it to be

(Version 4.66.0)
by Joshua.a.goehner
It seems like it's gonna be one of those crappy programs that you have to use like skyward (for my schools) but honestly it's really functional and I haven't had any issues with it.👍🏼

Good app

(Version 4.66.0)
by Line Surfer Freak XIII
Makes it very easy to check your schedule


(Version 4.66.0)
by Queen lynae
I love it my schedule is at my fingertips swapping shifts and requesting time off has never been so easy! The developers are awesome also.

crappy app that could be great

(Version 4.65.2)
by Dns2k
token and password issues EVERY update. plus the location is always messed up (you should make it with option to set location) so we can set a location for calendar sync. and speaking of sync every time app is foreground it resyncs pushing calendar entries

To be used with their paid sevice

(Version 4.65.2)
by Greeniemax
This app is a cheat, they charge you for app and they charge you for their service.



(Version 4.65.2)
by kvte_

Great overall

(Version 4.65.2)
by JosieLaur
Wish the option to see when you and everyone else requested off was still an option. Makes it easier to see who I can ask to pick up shifts and just gives me a better experience


(Version 4.65.1)
by GiddyYup07
I like that Buffy ref at the end ❤️

No out time

(Version 4.65.1)
by Davisx99tad
The app doesn’t let you see what your schedule out time should be, whereas the website does

Easy and efficient

(Version 4.65.0)
by peydwards
Seriously such an easy and helpful tool. Everything goes in my phone calendar and it syncs up to it automatically, easy to maneuver, and has great features. Flawless


(Version 4.65.0)
by aveljimenez

Good App BUT!

(Version 4.65.0)
by QWilson94
They should make it where you can sign in with more than one user, I have two different jobs that both use hot schedule wish I could easily switch from one to another.

Only use it because I have to for my job

(Version 4.64.0)
by Ilovemyapps0110
It never works!! Always says internet connection is down even when I’m on LTE with full bars. It only works when it wants to

HS review

(Version 4.64.0)
by Leikalein
You don't get messages when shifts become available...
You can't send shifts directly to a person...
When you pick up a shift you don't know if you get it cause other people can also pick up the same shift...
it's overall not very convenient!!!


(Version 4.64.0)
by Spencerswagmoneyyolo

More accessible please

(Version 4.64.0)
by Cmf760
Wish it was easier to navigate with having two jobs and both using hot schedules. It’s quite aggravating signing in and out.

Great app !!

(Version 4.64.0)
by Alb44
Very quick and easy !!

easy to use

(Version 4.64.0)
by rOn radio
Love it keep making it better guys

Good experience

(Version 4.64.0)
by MelanianQueen
Hot schedules posts are very up to date in a timely fashion, without any errors. I do recommend this app.


(Version 4.64.0)
by Travis Connell
Every little issue I’ve had is fixed! Love this app. Amazing.

Bring this back!

(Version 4.64.0)
by Jemarie Ayap
Before the update, I really like how when you request a day off you can see what number you were with the requests off. Bring that back!

Sync with calendar issue

(Version 4.64.0)
by mre5019
I set the app to sync with my calendar and it puts the same schedules shifts on the calendar multiple times. This causes an abundant amount of reminders to go off which can be frustrating. If this was fixed I would give 5 stars.

Manager Functions

(Version 4.64.0)
by shadobe
The app needs more available options for managers to use

Almost perfect for restaurant servers

(Version 4.64.0)
by Bizzle Kizzle
One star off because broadcast messages keep popping up after they have been read. Would really be like a quarter-star so I'm keeping it at five. It really is almost perfect.

Over all good app in a way

(Version 4.64.0)
by To ask
Easy to use the only thing is it don't keep you logged in :/


(Version 4.64.0)
by José Landaverde
No updates

This app is good just for employers.

(Version 4.64.0)
by Nick-body
This app is good only for employers. Try it as an employee and you'll see.


(Version 4.63.1)
by Dksbdjdhxlsbzhdb
should allow more than one account. I have two jobs and both use this app and I always have to log in and out

Good app - I have suggestions

(Version 4.64.0)
by i<3glee :)
Easy to use app, makes life so much easier to have your schedule and manipulate it easily. Three suggestions (requests to the developers actually):

1) allow people to create an auto pick-up from the "my schedule" page. It would be a LOT easier to create these when you can see the holes in your schedule (maybe even on the schedule page put "auto pick up set" for the shifts you're hoping to get?)
2) allow notifications for when a shift gets released that you're not already scheduled for.
3) when you're on the "my schedule" page and click on a specific shift, it shows you who is working that shift and who isn't (brilliant) BUT, from there, allow the option to send a message to ONLY the people working that shift (like - hey anyone want tonight off?) AND be able to send a message to ONLY the people not working that shift (ie. hey can someone work for me tonight) instead of having to go to the messages center, select individual people or blast everyone on the whole team.

Thank you!

Is exelent🤓

(Version 4.64.0)
by 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾👊🏾