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Instagram is a simple way to capture and share the world’s moments. Follow your friends and family to see what they’re up to, and discover accounts from all over the world that are sharing things you love. Join the community of over 500 million people and express yourself by sharing all the moments of your day––the highlights and everything in between, too.

Use Instagram to:

* Post photos and videos you want to keep on your profile grid. Edit them with filters and creative tools and combine multiple clips into one video.
* Share multiple photos and videos (as many as you want!) to your story. Bring them to life with text and drawing tools. They disappear after 24 hours and won't appear on your profile grid or in feed.
* Go live to connect with your friends and followers right now. When you're done, live stories disappear.
* Send disappearing photos and videos, text messages and posts from your feed to groups and friends with Instagram Direct.
* Watch stories and live videos from the people you follow in a bar at the top of your feed.
* Discover stories, photos and videos you might like and follow new accounts on the Explore tab.
* Enable Handoff to switch between your Apple Watch and your iPhone.

What's New in Version 26.0

Bug fixes and performance improvements



(Version 22.0)
by Kimbriela
I love love love Instagram. Everything about it! The update for polls is my favorite but sadly I cannot use it on my account. I’ve tried deleting and uploading the app but for some reason it just doesn’t work on my account. I’ve logged into other accounts on my app and they work fine. I would like help to fix this bug.


(Version 22.0)
I️ hate when other ppl phones update before mine and when they try and do the live video face time it won’t let them add me an it takes a while for every-phone to get the update and it really sucksss

iPhone X problem...

(Version 22.0)
by Quocalocka
Can’t change my profile pic because the buttons for cancel and save are superimposed on the top two corners and you can’t save! Please fix!


(Version 10.29)
by rate.crap
If I wanted to have a Snapchat I'd have downloaded Snapchat. Stop ripping them off and messing with a previously good thing. I previously used IG to promote my small business and for a personal account. I'm so fed up I will be deleting both of my profiles and finding another app.

Post order

(Version 22.0)
by Kyflyz
Bring back the posts in order as they were posted so I quit missing posts!!! Also the current app needs some tweaking to make it compatible with the new iPhone X. Name the volume level is hidden in the no screen area most of the time.

face filters crash the app

(Version 22.0)
by ㅗ(~ㅅ~)ㅗ
11/6/17: IG stories is working nicely again 🙌🏼 Now how about bringing back the chronological timeline?🤔🙏🏼
10/30/17: I updated to Version 21.0 and it still crashes every time I try to use a face filter or superzoom on stories
10/24/17: My app crashes whenever I try to use a face filter on stories


(Version 22.0)
Instagram is a great app used to communicate with friends and family ,but most important follow me on Instagram @omfg_vids_ and @marcos_tvrz and @dope_nemo

Has it's flaws

(Version 22.0)
by Unibubbly
Pretty normal social media platform, It has a few flaws such as your friends posts aren't sorted chronologically (like newest at the top and getting older as you scrolls down) but other than that only a few small issues I won't go into detail about.

More disappointing every day.

(Version 22.0)
by Ten10Four4
Like most good things, they must come to an end. Ads have all but taken over Instagram. An algorithm decides who I find important. I used to love visiting IG. Now I don’t.

Share button

(Version 22.0)
by z6king
Get a share button‼️

let us log into more than 5 accs

(Version 22.0)
by natalia the rat
me and my friends share our accs and and i have a spam, main and personal and i have a lot of friends and need to login to more accs im active om all of them! please let us add more accounts! btw i love instagram


(Version 22.0)
by bnnbvcg
Instagram is dope now

Picture order

(Version 22.0)
by Gjsjanerrick
The overall app is great... but I would LOVE if you all put the pictures back from new to old and not all over the place

La mejor

(Version 21.0)
by Reyes austre
Es lo mejor e interesante me entretengo mucho y es muy útil y divertida


(Version 22.0)
by TresGamez
Being able to send to multiple people separately is cool and all but the new way of sending it is completely unsatisfactory

Please change back!

(Version 22.0)
by tammy_marie4
Please go back to showing posts at the time they are posted!!! Having a post from 4 days ago pop up really just pisses me off. Instagram you used to be so good!!! Please fix yourself!!


(Version 22.0)
by Tays Gutierrez
I love it so much I can’t live without it.

Please Fix!

(Version 22.0)
by KodyKobayashi808
I love instagram. However, I couldn't add more than one account so I deleted the app and re-downloaded it, then it wouldn't let me login to any accounts.

Pretty pleased with Instagram

(Version 22.0)
by Beachstoner17
Thanks Instagram for listening! Very pleased that you guys fixed the photo crop thing in the multiple photo option! The ads are pretty annoying, and the timeline thing is still a little frustrating, but I can deal with it I guess. It would be nice to have chronological order again or like maybe have an option on how you want to see your feed. I love Instagram though it's the only social media I really use besides Snapchat

It’s Instagram...

(Version 22.0)
by Rumble McTumblbum
Does what it does, but it needs a feature to help you find where you’ve commented, in the event you need to erase it.

Change asap

(Version 22.0)
by Yee so cool
I loved the app but now i feel like Instagram is dying due to the post not being in order. I really hope there will be a change

For program

(Version 22.0)
by Sezar_hamed

Love this app but...

(Version 22.0)
by Surgeon to be
I love Instagram but ever since they changed the order of the photos I find myself liking it less and less. I’m not a fan of seeing pictures from 5 days ago when I should’ve seen it the day it was posted. I wish I could have control of that.


(Version 22.0)
by Splashy187
Good app

Would have been a five but the ads are very annoying

(Version 22.0)
by seamstome
Too bad ads were added, there’s too many

iPhone X

(Version 22.0)
by airness
Please fix IG stories on the iPhone. They are stretching out and not the correct ratio.

See people who block you

(Version 22.0)
by Kingni1st
It would be nice to be able to block people who initiate a block

No poll

(Version 22.0)
by sucksucky
I still don’t have polls and am very confused please help if you can.

Cool Instagram but

(Version 22.0)
by Adisreal
I don’t even have the newest update that lets u zoom in and the other new features so I’m giving I.T a 3 but it I’ll I get I.T stays at 3 but when I get I.T 5 out of 5

Great application

(Version 22.0)
by djad93
Best app and service out there

Documents and data

(Version 22.0)
by Less Time To Open Chests
Instagram is great, mostly everyone uses it. Theirs a wide variety of profiles, all having a different meaning. It’s almost a perfect app, but it’s frustrating. I have over 1 gigabyte of documents and date. I don’t know where all of this is coming from, I am always up on my phones storage considering it doesn’t have much. Please fix this, I like a lot of people have very little storage, and over a gigabyte of documents and data is unacceptable.


(Version 22.0)
by Onedirectioner111
okay i love everything but one thing i think they should fix is that in a photo burst, where we can post 10 pics at once, we should be able to delete one or so after posting. Like how we can edit the caption, tag or retag people, we should be able to chose one of the photos that we posted in the burst and delete it with out deleting the whole post.


(Version 22.0)
by Lcpl.H
Quite a nice app

Work on it

(Version 22.0)
by Pedialyte
A night mode for Insta would great with black instead of white

Instagram needs to be compatible with iPhone X

(Version 22.0)
by Rosiisawesome58
I can’t change my profile picture because the done button and exit button are on top which is where the notifications are so I have to force close the app because there’s no way of going back from there.

Please bring back the old sending posts through DMs bar

(Version 22.0)
by Wallstreet0827
The new DM bar is so confusing and messy. It was so much more convenient to use when it was a row rather than a list. Please please please fix this!

Stories stretched in iPhone X

(Version 22.0)
by Sergio Trres.
When recording or taking a picture on stories the picture stretches and looks bad.


(Version 22.0)
by Lexi_lindsey1
I want chronological order back

Why am I seeing facebook suggestions

(Version 22.0)
by Jarjarrbinks
IDGAF about facebook and I can't unlink the account. Why?


(Version 22.0)
by perrykendra2
Superzoom doesn’t work and I updated


(Version 21.0)
by 1davidoh123
Umm I'm up to date on my phone but I can't vote on polls unless I'm the first person to vote. Pls help

Changing profile picture issues on X

(Version 22.0)
by MJAC1973
Can’t change profile picture on iPhone X.
Cancel or Save is on the top corners and when you try to press nothing happens


(Version 22.0)
Don’t get me wrong! I LOVE Instagram! It’s such a good social media! But I don’t know if it’s just me but I have been having DISAPPEARING CAPTIONS! The captions would completely DISAPPEAR and I wouldn’t even be able to comment! It’s absolutely FURIOUS how many of my captions have just disappeared for not reason and it’s starting to get on my nerves! Like I said, I love Instagram it’s fun to use and perfect for pictures! But PLEASE FIX THIS!


(Version 22.0)
by Youiplokkhuip
Insta is doing really good

Boring n all’s people care about is the following te s to following ratio

(Version 22.0)
by snap gag
Alls you do is look at pictures n comment. Wish you could write status or something like Facebook . Instagram is boring


(Version 22.0)
by DKsBarn
Instagram is great way to use social media to stay connected to friends and family

Still not fixed

(Version 22.0)
by Rizpahjulia
After I do this I'm deleting the app. I don't mind the new icon or the basic layout... I do mind seeing posts I saw 5-7 (it used to be 1-4) days ago at the top. I do mind wasting my time and data to scroll down to only see 1-2 recent posts. This change is the worst thing you could have done. You don't even have it where we can click to see posts in chronological order like Facebook does and that's the ONLY reason I keep them. Your algorithms for moments I care about first are failures because I want to see recent moments rather ones I've already seen and you guys don't get that. Majority of you users prefer that over reseeing past moments and it's obvious that you people don't listen. So I'm booting you out the door and I hope the door slaps you in the head on the way out.

I'm keeping the rating the same because you people haven't changed it.... The only reason you people did an update was to try to get a higher rating..

Still keeping the rating the same until we get chronological back. I'm missing seeing people I follow... 8/3

Rating again.... I'm seeing posts from a week ago at top.... deleting again... make it CHRONOLOGICAL AGAIN DUMMIES! LISTEN TO YOUR USERS!

Rating again 11/6/17 it’s gotten worse and I adjusted my review to express my concerns.

Positive vibes

(Version 21.0)
by PanaPrin
You can pick and choose who you follow. I choose supportive, positive, sometimes snarky people and it brings a smile!!


(Version 22.0)
by Pink Lemon 22522
Great and fun app but can get a little boring sometimes Maybe add fun filters and colors.

Love this app!

(Version 22.0)
by Gr Bunches
Great way to share family photos. Bright spots in my day!