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With this app, you can add effects like a cross filter to attach to the camera lens. Light emitting materials and reflective object will shine even more.
Jewelry, glass, illumination, etc. Please use when you want a gorgeous shot a little!
!!! Please be careful for too much light. !!!

■ Basic function
- You can shoot the video and photo with impressive Glitter effect.
- You can edit photos and videos from photo albums.
- You can create "kirakiragraph" from still image.
- Swipe left and right to change effect.
- Adjust light with Kirakira power slider.
- On the confirmation page, 25 histories are displayed.
( Please check the photo album for the shooting data older than that. )

■ Notes
· Sometimes, there is an unintended area is sparkling ....
· By the situation at the time of shooting,
the video might not all glitter or too sparkly.
Please try to adjust with kirakira power slider.


if you experience any problems or have questions or suggestions please contact:

If you can send a defect report,
it will be helpful if you can describe your model and iOS version.

What's New in Version 2.0.2

Bugs fixed.

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I like it but

(Version 1.2.6)
by LissetteDelvalle
Needs to allow music to play while taking a video. Other than that it’s great!

Great app but..

(Version 1.2.6)
by Yousefied
But we should be able to import videos that we already have taken and edit it using this stunning app.

Upload from Camera Roll

(Version 1.2.6)
by Chocolatepretty
Love this !!! Please upgrade the app to allow the feature to use photos and videos from camera. PLEASE !!!!

Doesn't work

(Version 1.2.6)
by Ladyyymuerte
Won't show up on my back camera and I can't even take a picture when it's on the front cam. Waste of money.

Cool app

(Version 1.2.6)
by beutiful eleanor
I like it so far. I like that my jewelry are more shiny and sparkle. Just don’t really like that the visibility of the picture is not that clear. Other then that’s it’s a cool app.

Love it but need updates

(Version 1.2.6)
by Sarah ibrahim 1991
I love this app and effect i just wish if i can upload my video from camera roll instead of having to record it instantly on the app.

Doesn’t work

(Version 1.2.6)
by Mtgdc3
I just bought it and it doesn’t even work!

Like it but......

(Version 1.2.6)
by pamsue824
would love to be able to use my own photos also.

Fix app!

(Version 1.2.6)
by Yasmine_arlene
The app isn’t working all of a sudden ☹️ so sadddd! Please fix it!

I like it but it's not saving the videos or photos

(Version 1.2.5)
by Muffins scout
It's not saving the videos or photos I take into the camera roll the videos and photos are no where to be found? I'm lucky I got one that saved out of the other 30 videos and photos I took

Not working

(Version 1.2.5)
by Kuhtore19
This app doesn’t give you a tutorial on how to use it. It doesn’t work

Sparkle Sparkle

(Version 1.2.5)
by ToyaJ02
Love the app! Just wish I could upload my pics and videos from my photo library to add the sparkle effect to! That would be a great feature to add.

Does not work

(Version 1.2.5)
by E rosé
For some reason it didn’t work for me!

Not working

(Version 1.2.5)
by Solodolo9339
Only shows a pink screen does nothing I want a refund


(Version 1.2.5)
by tylerwestwood13
I like it.

Great App

(Version 1.2.5)
by Pdevans
I really do love this app I love pretty sparkly things and of course this just enhances them like the others being able to take pictures and or videos from your camera roll would be amazing. Lastly, as someone else stated I have to exit the app in order to view pictures and videos which is a drawback but I really love the app.

Doesn’t Work

(Version 1.2.5)
by Manga pic
I bought this app and it only worked once. The camera doesn’t work now I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app and it still refuses to work. Please fix the issue. Thank you.

Such a new app but we need a little more

(Version 1.2.4)
by Babyiruka
A very cute app. I think it would be perfect if we can apply the effect by using the pictures or video that we made already. Please add that function in the future. Then this will be a five star app.

Fabulous but

(Version 1.2.4)
by dwikaalan
I love this app, but it would be great if it allows us to edit photos from camera roll

Fix maybe 1 or 2 things

(Version 1.2.4)
by Tatiana Breon
I agree, wish we could upload our own videos and pictures front he camera roll and also be able to see the picture before it’s saved. Other than than cool app! Really fun :)

لا تستطيع استخدام صورة من الاستيديو

(Version 1.2.4)
by Monatee
البرنامج جيد ، سيكون من الافضل لو يوجد خيار لاستخدام الصور الخاص بنا بدل احبارنارعلى التقاطها من البرنامج نفسه ، وايضا لانستطيع تحريك مكان الكرستاله المضيئه .


(Version 1.2.4)
by Held a fan_05
I bought this app because the name was close to Karkat, but turns out it's a really good app


(Version 1.2.2)
by TXCubJohn
Lots of fun with this app

Do not buy this

(Version 1.2.4)
by Dhdnxndjfbdndnf
It isnt working at all. It stops every time so that it is impossible to taking photo or video. I dont want to give even one star. WASTE OF MONEY

Keeps crashing when I try to add photos

(Version 1.2.4)
by KandyeBarzzz
On the iPad


(Version 1.2.4)
by Cool girl2G0$$$
I LOVE this app but there should be a feature where you can upload your own photos.

Only live pics or videos

(Version 1.2.4)
by QueenMy_
Can not edit videos or photos from your camera roll


(Version 1.2.2)
Made the mistake of "updating" the app and now it crashes every single time I open it. Its very frustrating please fix this problem!

if you are the creator of this app please listen!!!

(Version 1.2.2)
by Jekakaoskjfnalzka

Cant edit existing images or videos

(Version 1.2.2)
by Ljunvvko
The app block if you have a video on in the background


(Version 1.2.2)
by Splfiontyawe
Please fix the app so it can add sparkles to photos and videos taken previously.

Love the improvements!

(Version 1.2.2)
by Tay_x0x0
Being able to take a photo now is awesome. Glad the creators listen to feedback! Would be AMAZING if they’d add a smoothing out feature similar to how Snapchat/IG does to hide blemishes and whiten teeth. But it’s awesome for sure, I highly recommend for a girly and super pretty/cool effect to your photos and videos!

For the most part, I really like it.

(Version 1.2.2)
by // Sonia // *OMG*
The effects are so pretty! As others are saying, I think it would be cool to be able to upload your own pics or vids. I think another cool feature could be to be able to link it with your Snapchat so you can post vids or pics using the effect without having to upload it through your camera roll. ✨

Love sparkles

(Version 1.2.2)
by applesss123
It makes videos look gorgeous, first saw this and app on iskra’s ig and fell in love ❤️ hopefully they add more options and photo mode. Thanks

Thank you so very much

(Version 1.2.1)
by Airtime raid
This app is awesome. Thanks for adding still mode!

I love it BUT

(Version 1.1.1)
by iPhone 6__
I thought I would be able to take pictures as well as videos not just ONLY videos


(Version 1.1.1)
by Sarahk12245555
Very fun app but I wish I could take a still picture rather than just video.


(Version 1.1.1)
by Poodle622
Bought this app last week and it's not working. The screen is black with the white and pink button when I try to take a picture it sends me back to my home screen


(Version 1.1.1)
by 🐼ㄗ丹れ刀丹
Ability to take live photos and photos needs to be added.

other than that pretty cul

Needs improvement

(Version 1.1.1)
by Hahahaha Vivi
I want to be able to pick where it sparkles and only works good using back cam please fix


(Version 1.1.1)
by RocksMostajha
This app doesn't even open. Worst buy.

Cool video app!

(Version 1.1.1)
by TattooBakery™
-Auto save after finish shooting is great!
-Needed photo mode and import from camera roll for the 5 stars.

Doesn't do photos even though title says PHOTO & VIDEO

(Version 1.1.1)
by humuhumu85
Doesn't do photos even though title says PHOTO & VIDEO. Total disappointment. Why does the title say that????? 👿


(Version 1.1.1)
by Harry910
I like this app A lot, all it needs is an update to be able to use videos from camera roll.


(Version 1.1.1)
by DocGolden
More filters please!

Clearly an update is needed

(Version 1.1.1)
by Kptwo
I like the app as everyone else but there needs to be the option to take a photo!!!! Then the app is perfect :)


(Version 1.1.1)
by Yuuluh
Wish there was an option to add sparkles on videos from photo album :(

could be better!!

(Version 1.1.1)
by dannie__xo
such a cool app honestly one of my favorites but i always forget about it. there should have an option where you're able to upload and edit your gifs and videos


(Version 1.1.1)
by Poison Ivy Fairy
I love sparkles and shines and glitters with video and picture!

Needs adjustments

(Version 1.1.1)
by Daenificent
I would loveeee this app if only it fixed two MAJOR things
1) The ability to hold down and record
2) be able to add the effect to previously recorded videos.

Other then that it's a cute app , but I don't use it as much for those reasons. **** Also you can't play music while running the app. That's also annoying. Actually it's REALLY annoying.