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Get the royal treatment in the #1 Social FREE Slot Game! With 160 different premium Slot Games to choose from, it’s non-stop daily action that’s waiting for you with, unique features and more!

Endless fun is yours for the taking with a HUGE Free Coins Gift! And an extra FREE BONUS every 3 hours on the house!

No need to look elsewhere – we’ve got the top slot games right here:
• Grand Phoenix – 4 Legendary Jackpots for you to win!
• Vegas Cash – The smash hit with the Coin Grab Feature
• Super Double Ruby Gold – Vegas is in the house and you’re a winner!
• Xin Fu – Fortune is coming your way
• Despicable Wolf – Get hungry for huge wins!
• 2 Dragons – 5 Epic Jackpots and transferring Wilds
• Magic Trixie – Magical wins at the touch of a button
• Despicable Wolf 2 - He’s back and ‘badder’ than ever!
• Tinker Bell’s Fortune - 7 Bonuses and special features jam-packed into one game!
• Which one will be your money maker? Spin to find out what else is waiting for you!

Looking for more than Slots? Well, look no further – we’ve got the top features that will make your heart beat 1000 miles an hour, there’s always something new coming:
• Piggy Bank – Save Coins with every spin you make, then break Piggy for the loot!
• Sloto Cards – Collect Cards, Finish Sets, Get Prizes, Complete your Album – Get the biggest Prize Ever!
• SlotoQuest – Only the bravest will get the Glory, the Gold and the Treasure
• Lotto Bonus – Get rewarded just for coming back!
• Mega Bonus – Collected Your Free Special Bonus 4 times? Great! Spin the Wheel for FREE!
• Boosters – don’t just play, play with Boosters and take your game to a whole new level!
• Stamp It – fill your Stamp Card to get a Free Coin Package on the house!
• Gifts from friends – your friends can send you freebies every day!
• Tournamania – Show you friends who’s boss when you get to the top of the tournament
• Lucky Spin – It’s time to get Lucky when you make your purchase
• 15 Daily Freebies – You can collect at least 15 daily freebies!

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This product is intended for use by those 21 or older for amusement purposes only.
Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.
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What's New in Version 2.70.1

Hi Slotomania Fans!

Here's a new update with fixes to improve your game experience!

Have fun & good luck!


Having fun

(Version 2.68.0)
by ducky_95241
Having so much fun playing The slots it's a wonderful game and making lots and lots of money. I love the new way that the game is heading towards. Every day is a new exciting day with all the new games an incentive if you keep adding thank you for making it exciting

Fun Games!

(Version 2.68.0)
by GrandmaTeri14
Having a blast! I love this game!

Very Fun!!

(Version 2.68.0)
by T-Roose
Been playing for years and I’m still not bored with the game!!! Loving all the new features and changes.

Love playing Slotomania

(Version 2.68.0)
by Diamond Dave VT
It’s true, “I love Lucy”! Lol

I’m here updating my app now, but I’m curious...why does the app description say this game is for people 21 and older for amusement purposes only, but the age rating for the app is 12+???


(Version 2.68.0)
by Yabon159
This game is BS!!! Get sick of being screwed. I play as much as the game will allow me, but it isn’t much because my coins never last more than 2-3 minuets. It doesn’t matter how much I bet. It’s just a straight drain of coins. Bonuses and free spins don’t pay crap most of the time and when they do, the game instantly takes the coins back. I spend real money on the app also but that doesn’t matter either. No benefit to spending real $$. Slotto cards are whole other issue!! Don’t even want talk about that! I think I’m done with this ridiculous app. Not fun at all anymore. Been playing for years but just outright sickening now!!!!!


(Version 2.68.0)
by IdahoSpud.Stud
Starting to win again it's fun when you win! lol all win


(Version 2.68.0)
by Roundhizzy
Fun stuff.


(Version 2.68.0)
by The Vkstr
Up and running and so far doing ok

Pathetic game!

(Version 2.68.0)
by Doomkillemall
This game is horrible. I'll go one better than that, it's piss poor! When you finally win a lot of coins, obviously the people who run the game notice that and decide to take it all away...again! Now I can’t even get any wins on it! Sorry, but I’ve decided to permanently delete this game! Goodbye forever!

Love the game

(Version 2.68.0)
by mylesG11
I play this game everyday and love everything about it. Would recommend it to everyone

I love this game

(Version 2.68.0)
by Annie231-
Best game ever love the new graphics!😎

The new graphics are awesome! Best value and play than all other games on line!🤣!

Great games!😃

Just entered the club Best wins ever!😎

Slotomania club is awesome😎!!

You need to experience this game - Best games - graphics - and value!!!!😎

You need to play this game!😎. The games and bonus play is number one!:). Best video graphics - value- and service! I love this game!👍

Love this game! Just try it!😎❤️
The graphics. Bonus games, and fun💕👍

Just completed 6 hours of playing time with initial purchase. I love this game! The interactive frequent bonus games are fun!💕
The multiple game options are the best😎

I love this game!😎. The interactive bonus games are number 1. SlotoClub best idea

ever! Graphics no other game compares!

I love this game! Best slots game ever! Love the graphics! Best value especially in the club!😎.

5stars best

(Version 2.68.0)
by Slot King 69
Time for huge wins.great game huge wins $$$$$$$$$.

Very fun

(Version 2.68.0)
by Mullinsbryce
Very fun and generous at time with big wins and jackpots

Lucy it’s horrible again

(Version 2.68.0)
by Tatojuradoc
Lucy lost 5B in less than 5 minutes..the game is becoming again a money pit. You are not getting my business anymore (yes business worth my while )until you can show that I can actually get some entertainment. May be on a mega bonus roll or lotus bonus max and that I can play again. That is why I am paying for. Your sloto cards are so hard to get....enough of repeats. Thanks for listening. Your ex-loyal player....

Tonette 54

(Version 2.68.0)
by tonette54
Im enjoying this..thanks slotomania!!!🤗


(Version 2.67.1)
by Alo jr
Great game

From $4,500,000 to $150,000,000

(Version 2.68.0)
by Think no one notices
The Grand Phoenix game has been a fun game but now to play the highest level you have raised the bet higher than the bets on the royal jackpot games. Wonder if anyone is making sure you are paying taxes on all the money you are taking in from idiots like me.

The club is a bunch of crap. Return part of losses? Lose over 1.5 billion and get 16 million. Take your club and shove it.

Fun game but u cannot win sloto cards or A packs unless you use several bil coins on some of them

(Version 2.68.0)
by Brando 048
Fun game with lots of different options

Was doing better but always takes more than it gives

(Version 2.68.0)
by JayGeorAck
I love playing this game but when you lose millions of coins in a day it gets old. I play several different games and even purchase coins and it is more cold than hot. I don’t think I will be playing much longer because I’m not buying any coins just to win.


(Version 2.67.0)
by 420 to ?
Love Lucy's New Look!!!!

A lil more coins for "noobs"

(Version 2.68.0)
by Braddenham64
Coins get gone before you really know what's going on. Maybe collect free ones more often as a rookie, and as you level up time starts getting longer to collect.

Needs to improve

(Version 2.68.0)
by Maryleeann30
I️ love this game have plaid for years but hate that you have to keep spending more And more money to play. If you pay out your pocket you would think that they would give more coins than take them away.
Slotomania you need to change a lot of things to keep players, especially the ones that spend their hard earned working money just to play and the coin packages are way too much lower the prices

Hit a few jackpots, I like some of the new games. Some pay of the pay outs a Little Stingy.

(Version 2.68.0)
by NUKE 1
Hit 25 mega coins on space game, old game, new pay out

Fair to middling so far
Too excited game was Rhino Deluxe still 129mega coins!

Just won 129 mega coins on Delux Rhino

Pots are getting smaller, pay out just about what I spent on playing

I just completed the Clover Adventure walkway to the jack pot. I hit start and i received almost nothing? What kind of reward for that type of difficulty and expensive game?

Hit several mega coin pots

Hit several mega coin pots on new railroad game. Unable to get over 7 on loose caboose?

Won 12 mega coins on Las Vegas

Today good payout several mega hits
Once Upon A Spin, shoe / map confusing.
Pot too low. Sorta fun.

Hit 18 meg coins tonight

Hit 13 mega coins on new black mega spin

Player hi roller 007

(Version 2.68.0)
by Hi roller 007
Good game like this game . Need more free coins more often.
What can I say this is a good game


(Version 2.68.0)
by Sumasco
The variety is great. Something new every day. Love the games the best

Total peace of garbage

(Version 2.67.1)
by Gregkarvideo
The sleaziest thieves on Internet . A true peace of lowlife crooks at its bast. They think we will buy more of their sht after constant loss, unbelievable tight games. It takes tens and in sum games hundreds of millions of points to get one cheap bonus. The games just don't make any sense, but take all you got and give you a couple of USLESS cards, so by the time you complete one album it will cost you hundreds of $. to win 120 million you have to loose 10 billion or more. The daily bonus points that you get from them is nothing but a joke, that this sleazy morons take back as soon as you start the game. The more you bet the less you get. I know them for nine years and they never change. The cost is way over 1000 $ a year, is that Fun ??? 5 stars ??? - It's a laughing stuck, they write their own 5 star reviews under different names. 5 stars? Hmm, maybe only for design , zero stars for performance and even less for fun. Don't let them in to your face book account or you will spend hours to clean it after their adds. Slotomania is #1 internet thieves, they only deserve a meddle finger , not our money. (Podlie twary).

Greedy - Worst Ever

(Version 2.68.0)
by AR8299
Been playing since 2012. I'm level 2900. This app has gone downhill DRASTICALLY in the last 2 or so years. They've become SUPER greedy now and I'm just sick of it. I don't mind spending some money because I understand they're a business, but the greed is just beyond ridiculous now.
Non-stop losing, what fun is that? Barely any jackpot spins, no decent big wins in weeks, same old duplicate cards. No big advantage to being in the sloto club, those games I lose on as well. Some way to treat your loyal players! It’s no fun to just collect and not be able to play.

Players club

(Version 2.68.0)
by bandag101
So I have been playing Slotomania for some time now, level 1495 and lets just say I am very disappointed in how these slots are run. I finally earn enough points to join the club trade in almost all of my cards only to find out I have to bet $25 million to even play the games in there. What a joke and Waste of time for what is suppose to be free entertainment.

You won't win unless you buy.

(Version 2.68.0)
by west coast Ray
Pay offs are not that good. Good selection of games but you have to buy to win. If your lucky you can win🙂. Tournaments are the best.


(Version 2.68.0)
by shirlwy ann
I just don’t have luck on your Ace games but others are ok

Needs iPhone X update

(Version 2.68.0)
by Nickolass89
Really need to update app so the screen fits better. There’s an inch of waisted space on each side of the display.

Big win

(Version 2.67.1)
by Winfield_V
Big win

No new cards in Forever

(Version 2.68.0)
by Stef1211
Yes I get cards and Aces. I play and like to play. I bet high. But don’t get NEW cards!!!😡

Freezes -Na

(Version 2.68.0)
by Cincygirl1227
I’m not happy that my piggy bank doubled in price, I won’t be buying any more coins from you. That’s ridiculous $39.99 it was $19.99.

Sorry to say I may be deleting this game that I have played for years if you looked at my history. It’s just wrong, why did it go up and double in price?

Tamara Koeller


(Version 2.67.1)
by Whoya1502
Sticky Wins is more like Sticky Losers
Played almost 500 times with NO bonus!!

Fun fun fun

(Version 2.68.0)
by Zzz 1955
🤑Like the new game with the Irish Great games and lots of free spins. I start my day with play to get me up and running. So much fun! More fun all the time the best part I usually win a piece of my bet back on each spin 😊🤗😊🤗👏🤑🤑🌈 good wins🎉

Wild horses

(Version 2.67.1)
by Tinker bell 01
Havin a blast playin! Love this game! BIG WINS!!!! Graphics are fabulous too

Great game

(Version 2.67.1)
by Shannyhanm
Love it!

Bad game

(Version 2.67.1)
by 209mania
Bad slotogame


(Version 2.67.1)
by Deb302
Took my two trillion dollars rate on the jackpots ,got jackpots games 12, time,ten when to the second wheel ten times,play a game that took my money,they gave ,it back ,even more.

Try it!!!

(Version 2.67.1)
by Sandy pow wow
I love this game


(Version 2.67.1)
by Fe508
I won big, had over 300 billion coins and it was taken away fast and the game won’t hit the bonuses. I am extremely angry about this!

When does it play

(Version 2.67.1)
by Candy cane 2003
Can’t seem to win enough to play? #1 game who’s playing?i had 240 million guess what can’t even play didn’t win?where is the mega wins?cant play you are not no 1thats it sloto tired of trying to play # 1 game no payouts


(Version 2.67.1)
by Twiggy59
I like these games but more bonuses please loosen up some


(Version 2.67.1)
by Boyd wright jr.
Best game ever!!! Addictive fun and very exciting!!! It's a very realistic game that will keep you wanting more and more!!!

Awesome time. #1 app

(Version 2.67.1)
by bearhead007
Super fun!!!

Luv This Game💋

(Version 2.67.1)
by Sinful204
Awesome Game I feel like I'm back in Vegas!!!


(Version 2.67.1)
by Andy2564
What a piece of crap game! Doesn't want to pay most of the time, wheels are fixed. Just wants you to buy coins. Junk game!!!


(Version 2.67.1)
by cubsfan88
Decent game to pass the time. Win sometimes lose most of the time. UPDATE- The Bonuses have gone down and it seems like you cannot win anything anymore. Used to be like once a month you would win like crazy for a day or two that has ended I guess I just want more money.

Love playing, relaxes my stressful days

(Version 2.67.1)
by Queen Smasher
Slotomania is a fun way to spend a few minutes at the end of the day, it's very giving with points and easy to learn how the extra features work! I love it!