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Life's more fun when you live in the moment :) Happy Snapping!

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Please note: Snapchatters can always capture or save your messages, such as by taking a screenshot or using a camera. Be mindful of what you Snap!

What's New in Version

Bug fixes and improvements!


Just a Suggestion

by Marcie2501
You should make it to where you can see how many times someone has viewed your story!


by rickyr0o
Anyone crashes when they record a video? On iphone 7

NBC snap story bias is absurd

by RynoN96
Shinzo Abe dumped his fish food first. Snapchat is a load of crap. Deleting.

Friend Emojies should show next to people you dont have too

by Martiiiiiooooiiina
When theres a person you share a friend with it shows that emojie next to the person’s name. In quick add or anyone that you are trying to add, it would be better if these imojies show next to them weather they share a first best friend or a friend.

GIF support

by Losers101-85
Snapchat is a great app and I use it constantly, but it is super below par with supporting GIF formats. Not only do gifs simply send as photo messages and not work, but you don’t even have a feature to search gifs like the Facebook messenger app.

So while I love chatting and sending pictures over your app, that has always bothered me. I want to be able to send gifs over chat from my camera roll. At the very least I would like to be able to use/find gifs at all.

Username change???

by gabriella3035
Some day would their be a snapchat update that would allows us to change our usernames without creating a new username or delete our account????? I really want to change my username.

iPhone X kinks

by bgareffa
I appreciate the early support for iPhone X. There is still some work to be done on compatibility though, notably the “edit and send” text when viewing a photo in the gallery overlaps with the home bar.


by foreverbeloved9
This app is currently having issues I can’t log back into my account and I deleted it and reinstall it but it ain’t letting me please fix this up ‼️ im going to lose my streaks

Camera quality

by msim648
The front facing camera quality appears to be good on the iPhone X, until you take the snap. Then it quickly is degraded and has a ton of noise. Please update to fix!


by 26183737hhd
It’s a great app but on the Sarahah swipe up story’s it’s always sending it to the person not to the link so idk what’s happening there


by Amberks123

I have some ideas

by iSlimShady
snapchat is pretty cool, and it's awesome, but I have some ideas that I'd like to share. I was thinking that since we can post pictures/videos from our camera roll, I was thinking that we should have an option to rotate pictures. Because I have some photos from my camera roll, that's sideways and I don't like the look of it, so if you guys can add an option to rotate pictures that would be pretty cool!
Thanks for taking your time to read this!

best app ever

by Fix thissss!!!
this is the best app ever. never delete it i love it and same with everyone else in this world


I love snapchat, i use it for 99.9% of capturing photos. I try to go through my "memories" but it keeps crashing. Sometimes it just does it to do it. If you could fix that, it would make things a lot easier.

also, i would love if you guys would let me see everyone who views and screenshots my story. not say +50 more.

I love this app plzzz don’t delete it

by amosc: ms_aarai
This a way I can get connected with my friends at school without asking there number. It is fun. And plus I hate Instagram because people clown you on how many followers you have so plzzzzzzzz don’t delete it

Please listen

by _andimtaryn❤️
this is a very fun social media app over all but there is to many glitches and other problems with the app

1. Also I think you should add all the new emojis from apple ios 11 for streaks I don’t even think you’ve added iOS 10 emojis it would really be nice if we could have the emojis added for streaks 😑

2. The updates don’t really solve the problems with the app so it’s kind of a waste of time ...

Just one problem...

by Playhome Fan
Please don’t call me young or prude but the only problem I find with Snapchat is all the sex articles. Honestly, every time I log into the app I see an article addressing the topic. And, as this app is highly aimed toward the younger generation, in terms of social media, I feel like Snapchat should be aware of this.

One problem

by Opal girl
Whenever someone links a Sarahah, Snapchat won’t let me type anything to the sarahah, which is annoying because it is fun to leave messages to my friends.

So great when you learn how to use it!

by It's really nice it worked😅😅
This is my daily news source, daily entertainment and very good communication that is good and fun!

Is snapchat getting deleted??

by Taytay wing
I heard that snapchat will be getting deleted from all devices and from the app store, is this true?? To many people love snapchat, I don’t know how it could get deleted.

Annoyed 🙄

by Chat button
Does anyone else miss the old snapchat? With out all of these advertisements and all these stories: buzz feed those types of stories. Yeah they are fun to read sometimes, but it’s starting to get annoying. They are adding WAY to many of those types of stories and I am getting caught up scrolling through them and not MY FRIENDS stories. Bring back the old snapchat without all these extra stories.

This is the worst update ever

by Bella Gaming
I hate this update I like it before this update please put it back to normal everyone is hating on it because it’s tweaking like I can’t say anything on Sarahah which is stupid

Not letting me redownload

by superstar1102
I deleted snap Bc it was having problems, I went to go redownload the app and now it won’t let me


by gilbert_galman
Please give us an option to change our names


by snap gag
Wish I could change my username for my Snapchat more than once


by Cowboyfan72

Stories always freeze

by 4-19-14
Since I’ve updated the app many stories freeze while watching them and adjusting the volume.

Are you actually shutting this down?

by Clutch Carrreño
A lot of news has been going around that this app will be going down all across every App Store & will no longer be available at November 14 , please clear this up? We need answers . I love this app don’t get rid of it

I love this game!

by Unicorns fur life🦄🦄🦄🦄
I love this game! You can communicate with your friends and family! I totally recommend this!

Snapchat problems🙄

by Olivia.SquareBottoms.
It has been not working for me the story’s will not load and I can’t open my snaps.....!!!!This has to be fixed now or imma lose my streaks!!!!☹️


by Liv_is_the_boss
So I absolutely love Snapchat it's how I talk to my friend and its my favorite social media BUT apparently on Nov. 14th people are saying it's getting deleted? And I'm honestly concerned// confused! If anyone can tell me what's going on can you contact me?!


by Blasian_bitchhh
I thought it was my connection. But everyone on media is complaining about this! The snapchat app will not let you send snaps to friends it keeps glitchy when opening the app, it closes out right away for NO reason. Very unpleased. Common snapchat


by COOLGURL_4_Ever
Can you guys make it official if snapchat will be completely deleted? Because I wanna know if it’s true

Love it

by Savannah Adrianna
I love snapchat and it is one of the only social media’s I have. It is a good way to be funny with your friends and all the filters and stickers are amazing. The only thing is I would like to change my username because I made it when I was in middle school trying to hid it from my mom

It won’t work

by cashnhenny

Great app, BUT

by funsession
The ability to video call is great, however, the call button is in a very inconvenient location. I’ve made too many accidental calls while in chat mode.

not a big fan of the new update

by HashTagNatalie
i love snapchat and always will but the latest update changed the layout of the profile which i’m not really a fan of

dont delete snapchat!!!

its the only way i can contact some of my family and over millions of people use this!


by Soccerhamster
Snapchat recently had an issue in which nothing would work, and i lost many of my streaks. There is no way to get them back. They had horrible customer support and can’t even keep an app running smoothly.

Faster process

by Richy-Beast
I love snapchat it’s a great app, I just really wish that the company would make it easier to switch users or accounts. For example how instagram has the ability to change profiles without logging out of the account that the user is currently on. So I hope that snapchat has a way to add a way for people to switch accounts just by going to settings and clicking on a button that says switch account. No password, no logging out, just simple. And if people have a problem with this idea because of privacy issues, I feel like snapchat should ask a question like, “ would you like to save this account.” That way if you say no, it won’t be saved in settings and if you say yes you will no longer have to retype in the username and password. So snapchat please make this happen

The Recent Nov 4/5 Update is TRASH 🚮

by TheMysterious1ne
SC was fine but an update happened. I definitely know I have wifi in area & am connected but app claims "refresh to connect" and I get "message fails," on top of unable to see snaps. IDK what's going on but admin needs to fix what's going on and all.

I attempted to delete and reinstall the app-which is another predicament in itself. Even if I log into my account, the app automatically exits me out. Bummer. ☹️

Suggestions “

by mrs.cobi 🌈
Hey Snapchat is awesome sauce and I love the filters 🙌🏾👍🏾 I just wish we had more options for the Bitmoji app things like change of more jewelry and clothes maybe throw some more outfits and shoes to put on the Bitmoji but other then that everything is good 👍🏾


by Ejlherau
One of the best apps I'll ever use!!

Best app ever.

by Benton 13
One thing that I wish would be added is smart invert compatibility for iPhones.


by pitalover
in the emoji keyboard is a pita pocket emoji so i expect there to be one in snapchat


by Tashapoop
mine needs a new update. somethings wrong with it. but overall AMAZING APP!!!!!


by PrettyFade
So is snap getting deleted on November 14 or?

Gay app 🤭🤷🏽‍♀️

by Freshsoccer
Your app is gayyy ! 😂😂😂

Good but...

by Hunbundundun
I love snapchat but I am completely sick of these updates. That happen every other day it is starting to really take up to much space. Also what is happening with this update that it changes certain words to symbols

Keep sc

by kellenster
Keep it on plz