Tiny Wings

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You have always dreamed of flying - but your wings are tiny. Luckily the world is full of beautiful hills. Use the hills as jumps - slide down, flap your wings and fly! At least for a moment - until this annoying gravity brings you back down to earth. But the next hill is waiting for you already. Watch out for the night and fly as fast as you can. Otherwise flying will only be a dream once again.

Tiny Wings was chosen as the iPhone Game of the Year in App Store Rewind 2011 in Europe and many other countries.
Thank you Apple and a big thank you to all Tiny Wings fans!


• simple "one button" (ok... maybe "one tap") arcade game about the dream of flying

• the world is changing every day - so it does in this game! Procedural generated graphics will make "tiny wings" look different every day you play

• Two game modes: "Day Trip" and "Flight School"
• iPad only: Split screen multiplayer!
• upgrade your nest by fulfilling tasks
• Play as the mama bird or one of her four children
• 25 hand-designed levels in the new "Flight School" mode
• iCloud support (even syncs your game between the iPhone & iPad versions)

What's New in Version 2.3

- iPhone X support
- the app is now universal
- split screen multiplayer on any iPad
- bugfixes

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A legendary classic

(Version 2.2)
by Iamperry
The nostalgia is real. Many years and many iPhones later, I'm replaying Tiny Wings and loving it like its my first time. Lots of memories coming back. Tiny Wings is the GOAT for sure.


(Version 2.2)
by traderjoe's
This game is amazing!! It is very challenging but also incredibly fun! I have come across no ads, and they never make you pay for points or leveling up! Music is great, with many worlds and levels to beat! I highly recommend this game! The 0.99 cents is definitely worth it!


(Version 2.2)
by Comrade_51
I have been playing this game for years now, and I just came back to it after a couple years of break. I was expecting some lame ad based crap, but instead it has just gotten better! This is a genuinely GOOD game!! I highly recommend!! Thanks so much mr creator!

Addicting fun

(Version 2.2)
by jal9904
At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of content. But you it is addicting to replay the classic day run over and over, and get 3 stars on all the races.


(Version 2.2)
by Fdcisdcnfgdkcvkd
I'm supplied I didn't get the game earlier it's so fun.
The music makes it 10 times better :)

Even thought dunes copied tiny wings, tiny wings is better :D

This is an iPhone classic!

(Version 2.2)
by MayTheForth

This game is so awesome it’s super fun1111!!!!1111!!!!1!!1!!1!11!1!1!1!!1!1!1!1!1!

(Version 2.2)
by Jekejrhej
If your gonna make us fly across island 4 in fever mode atleast make the game know when its an actual great slide. Trash game btw could be better if you fixed that

Stupid game

(Version 2.2)
by Mohannad90m
The control of game make the person loses more than one time

Simply fun

(Version 2.2)
by Ian Barstow
I had this game years ago. It was one of my faves. Just redownloaded it and is still super fun! The landscape artwork reminds me of something out of Dr. Seuss. A timeless classic!

The reason I got an iPhone

(Version 2.2)
by ABagofRuffles
I love this game and it will always be in my reach, I just hope it had multiplayer support so I can play against my friends!


(Version 2.2)
by MadMan534
I loved this game for the longest time. It would be even better with online racing


(Version 2.2)
by Soccer 4 LIFE!
i’ve had this game since i was about 9 and i’ve loved playing it i had when i used to have the iphone 4 and it was the best app ever and it still is. there is a new app called dune and people love it and prefer it but this is the og and better than dune.‼️

Love it!

(Version 2.2)
by Spinnerkid
Can’t pass ‘Fly through island 4 in fever mode” after 5 years tho.....

Fun game

(Version 2.2)
by PaabloSupreme
Fun game and definitely worth the money.

A timeless classic

(Version 2.2)
by G23456785378
Loved this game, eventually got bored of it and deleted. Ran across it again and redownloaded, having a blast playing it again. Not sure why I ever deleted in the first place. Worth a download!

still a great game

(Version 2.2)
by 🍀🍀 LM the Don 🍀🍀
more updates needed though (online multiplayer maybe)

I'm so mad

(Version 2.2)
by Krismptkc
F this game. You have to be 34 seconds in fever mode to beat an objective and I've been trying to beat it for 2 days! I got 33.8 seconds I'm so upset I had to write this. F u.


(Version 2.2)
by SoccerD22
If you are going to fly like a bird this is your game

Great game

(Version 2.2)
by shrewdmantis
Good concept I loved it it's really enjoyable

Tiny but mighty

(Version 2.2)
by Horsekick436
I love it it's a great and fun game!!!

iOS 11

(Version 2.2)
by tiny wings fan
Please update for iOS 11. I love your game and would love to keep playing. Thank you!!!!!


(Version 2.2)
by emmytherainbow
I used to play this game all the time when I was younger and now I just started playing it again and it's still so AWESOME


(Version 2.2)
by 737289476268
The greatest app game of all time, of all time. Once you get it, never ever delete it. It will still be fun, enjoyable, relaxing, peaceful, joyful, and challenging five years from now, just like it's been for the past five years.

I like a lot of games, casual and otherwise, and this is in the top 5 on any console. Seriously, I'm so happy this still exists. And it's from an era when a talented dev could just put out a game, charge 0.99 for it, and then never bother you for freemium money again. Support this dev!!

Love this game

(Version 2.2)
by Nhdhdhddhdd
Everyone should have this game good graphics had it since it first cam out

I finally get it on my phone

(Version 2.2)
by BG 1234
I used to play this one my moms phone until it started to cost money :( i finally got to buy it and my sweet tiny wings u r the best thing ever!

Nostalgic as ever

(Version 2.2)
by Ihatespanish6969
I remember playing this game years ago, and while looking at the top charts recently I saw this game! I loved playing it and when I downloaded it I had such an exciting feeling. This really is one of the greatest mobile games out there. I love the music and art style and it's easy and fun to play. I would say that it's worth buying for everyone.

Tiny wings is my waifu

(Version 2.2)
by be rbtbt
Tiny wings is the best game I've ever played if the sh*t nibba


(Version 2.2)
by krevbot
This is a great game, but sometimes I feel like the computer is unrealistically good.

I also wish there was an online multiplayer option.

Basically get impossible

(Version 2.2)
by CheeseWhale
After you complete a lot of the flight school it becomes very difficult and you just can't beat it

I will never stop loving this game

(Version 2.2)
by Qwertyuioppasdfghjkllzxcvbnm
It's more than a game, it a adventure full of memories that truly hooks you in. You feel like your in the game, like your one of the birds flying competitively, but at the same time—without a care in the world. A truly remarkable game that I would rate 100 stars if I could. Thank you for sharing this game, adventure, an experience with us. ♡

Best game ever

(Version 2.2)
by Parker13542
Best game I have found on the App Store up to this point

Don't WASTE YOUR time

(Version 2.1)
by Apprick
So you invest tons of hours in getting better and better to move onto the next island. However, once you get to island 9, the sun sets at such a rapid rate vs how much time you have on previous islands, that it's virtually impossible to continue in the game. It's almost as if the game designer speeds up the clock on you once you get to island 9 so that you can't progress in the game:( Not fair or fun.


(Version 2.2)
by IKilledYourDad
Is best game never have a better


(Version 2.2)
by Julie-tet
I've downloaded, deleted for lack of space, forgotten, remembered, and re-downloaded this app many times since I got my iPod touch 6 years ago. It's always been a staple for me, great for killing time, beautiful islands, cute fat bird, etcetera. Of course, I've been working on the "fly through island 4 in fever mode" pretty much all 6 of those years and I'm not sure what I'll do if I actually get it.

Good one

(Version 2.2)
by Piecemeal
Simple relaxing & fun, challenge is there as well.


(Version 2.2)
by Djgauntt
I don't have that much to say but this game is very challenging when you want it and it was awesome you should buy this game

Still one of my favorites

(Version 2.2)
by parkeria
Initially bought for my iPod touch in 2010, and it still remains one of my most memorable and fun games due to simplicity


(Version 2.2)
by Dredwulf

An All-time Classic

(Version 2.2)
by chemium3
I remember playing it for the first time in 2011 and it is still so much fun now.

Relaxing and fun

(Version 2.2)
by Palthainon
Non stressful quick gaming. Beautiful imagery and music with a simple objective.


(Version 2.2)
by Butters1998
It's great


(Version 2.2)
by jimmybob1
There is ALWAYS a bird that gets in front of you. No matter what. This game is frustrating. Fever mode is the only thing even close to fun. If you don't hit the hills PERFECTLY in campaign, you NEVER end up first. Gg.


(Version 2.2)
by Halo6528
The game cheats to make a specific bird win. It will be near impossible to beat that bird towards the last levels. He will somehow gain random speed and catch up every time. Fun game doe.

Best game ever

(Version 2.2)
by kobybachar
This game is the best my family never stops playing it it is the bestttttt

Awesome apps live

(Version 2.2)
by Veepics23
I played this as a kid now 20 lol some things don't change. This app is really fun and for just a buck you can't beat that. I'll trade with for waiting room boredom any day.

Fly over the 4th island in fever mode

(Version 2.2)
by Jives69
Can you calm the hell down mate? This isn't dark souls you know. Maybe I'm just bad, but it's frustrating how you LITERALLY have to be PERFECT in a children's bird sliding game to progress

Awesome game!

(Version 2.2)
by GD Lorenzo76
STILL having some difficulty getting the last achievement for nest level 30! Even still, all the levels I haven't beat are super challenging, and I love the game! Just some variation from the AI would make this a chart topper. That's all I got!


(Version 2.2)
by Mwhahahahahaha
Just a great classic mobile game that is worth every penny!


(Version 2.2)
by HammySox
One of my all time favorites. Such great music and a relaxing feel. I love it

Why is it 1.00?

(Version 2.2)
I got this game on my iPad a few years ago, and it was free. Why did you make it cost money? 😖