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Have fun challenging your friends and enemies in the hottest trivia game!
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What's New in Version 2.55

-Bug fixes
-User interface improvements


Reward wheel

(Version 2.52)
by TBONE 09
Why is there not a reward wheel in the ad free version????

Holiday screens

(Version 2.52)
by Alimac123456
Although they are fun - you need to remove as soon as the holiday is over. I.e. Halloween images are up on the 7th of November😔


(Version 2.52)
by AlissaMae
Paid for version doesn’t Offer the free spin the wheel after. So if you're playing someone that has the free version, you're on an automatic disadvantage. Dumb.

I used to love this game...

(Version 2.51.1)
by Davedp66
I LOVE this game so much! I've played for years. But, at some point, I accidentally deleted the app. You may say, "Just reinstall it lady!" but it's not that simple. Every time I go to put in my email address, it tries to send me a confirmation code. Key word: tries. It just says there was an "unexpected error" and that they'll try to fix it. But it's been doing this for two weeks...I love this game, but I would love it even more if I could log in...

Lopsided values

(Version 2.51.1)
by Bammerl
I've been playing for a long time. I hate how much it costs in coins for anything since the rates went up! 1000 for extra turn. 250 and 480 for bombs and two choices, yet, the value of winning is only 300. Very lopsided. Also the cards; I've collected all but 26. Now this stupid VIP costs me 46 crowns to get one card that has little value. Lopsided also.
They never ever rated my questions I submitted. Can't get those achievements. The Genius worth only 1500? Seriously? And you have to win 25 consecutive games! Lopsided value for that as well. Should be more like 100,000.

Guess I'll play but I'm done buying in app. The reward for me is not good enough any more.

Lost opportunities

(Version 2.51.1)
by Widowmaker81
I absolutely love this game so I bought the ad free version however in the ad free version you lose the “free spin” option when u miss a question. There doesn’t seem to be near the opportunities to win coins and free stuff in this version but there are plenty of opportunities to spend more coins. Love the game but at least make this version pay out more or more chances to win free stuff

Coin count & latest update

(Version 2.51.1)
by Chagetas
Please change the coin count back to its original form. I can't even see how many I gain or use.

Enough people have complained about the coins. Please fix it. We all realize you want to make money on the game. Give us a break

Never mind. I give up. Still love the game


(Version 2.51.1)
by Fishy528
Questions are VERY poorly structured. They are OFTEN misspelled, unclearly written with horrible grammatical errors.

Example: How many football teams in United States? Answer: Thousands IF you count Pop Warner, elementary school, high school, college, semi pro and pro! Stupid question! Be specific! I.e.: how many NFL football teams in US?

For being a quiz game, your grammar, spelling, sentence structure and question specificity really need to be improved. Otherwise, you. Just look STUPID!

I actually wish I never paid.

(Version 2.51.1)
by Brian . Waffles
So, The Ads in the normal version annoyed me when I have to keep going through them but please understand. 1. I paid for the game so why do I have to pay 1000 coins for a second chance, That’s extra. 2. In the normal version when you get something wrong you spend and win a prize. You don’t get prizes here I JUST PAID WHY CANT I GET A PRIZE! 3. Can you get an update that gives us the same features as the people who DONT HAVE TO PAY! We just wanted an Ad free game not a Prize free, Coin taking game.

You know what would make this game better?

(Version 2.51.1)
by Dawordmama
If you would let us play solo. I don’t want to compete with anyone— I don’t want to lose or make someone else lose. I just want to play against myself. Maybe that’s just me, but you should seriously think about it.

Recent updates

(Version 2.51.1)
by Ynotme606
I’m so disappointed in this game!! I was on level 350 & had almost all the characters & worked literally for years to get to where I was. I have had the same issue with the last update—lost everything. I played this game several times a day sometimes more but I’m out. It was my favorite game.

Ridiculous “missions “

(Version 2.51.1)
by NYcheerchick
Let’s see they want you to answer 40 questions correct in 12 hours? Ridiculous demands ridiculous changing of rules and taking your claims away etc. play words with friends it’s way better

Too Many Notifications

(Version 2.51.1)
by ShawnSV
I get way too many notifications to the point where I want to delete the app, and whats worse is this is a paid app too.


(Version 2.51.1)
by JinVells

Fun but cost too much

(Version 2.51)
by Grimstr
I thoroughly enjoy this game. I like to have some coins in case I feel like using them but they just cost too much.

Trivia crack

(Version 2.51)
by Thecoolman3rd
Well the game is awesome. Some of the questions are very complicated. Love Learning things.

Great fun!

(Version 2.51)
by dlhrcis
Terrific game that will challenge your brain. You learn as you play. It’s fun to get questions right, and to win against family, friends, or strangers !

Trivia Crack

(Version 2.51)
by Leggypyn
It’s kind of silly, but it is a perfect time waster when I’m waiting for people, or during commercials. There are some inaccurate questions/answers. There is no way for me to let you know that the item needs correcting.


(Version 2.51)
by MagnusAZ
I was really enjoying this until the micro transaction crap shut me down. So much for just making a fun game to play.

Ads state there's a virus.

(Version 2.51)
by Jakes566
This site actually approved a pop up ad that tells you that you have a virus. Are you kidding me? Classless. Absolutely classless on the makers of this app. Must pop up every three minutes, and it's clearly an ad.

Not to mention the fact that I paid 2.99 to remove the ads, and yet I still have pop up ads happening constantly. This app is beyond horrible.

You have to pay more to actually play

(Version 2.51)
by Nathan Story
You have to pay (in addition to the original cost) in order to play more then a few games.


(Version 2.51)
by maliknd
I have played this game for months and I have fun with it while learning interesting things!

Trivia Crack... fun!

(Version 2.51)
by MilliDM
I love this game, with lots of fun ways to play... makes it fun AND interesting AND challenging. However; questions and answers that come through with mathematical equations, algebraic equations, calculus and geometry… are not trivia and should not be allowed in the game. Also I have been getting a few entire questions and answers in Spanish and it’s making me not be able to compete in that session and causes me to risk losing my turn because I don’t know if I’m answering correctly or not.

Trivia Crack

(Version 2.51)
by Sointouch21
I love this game and enjoy the rocket challenges and the cards too! I try to get people to play me all the time!!

Rocket challenge

(Version 2.51)
by Katokla
Used to be five stars. I don’t like the pressure of rocket challenges. I don’t like the all entertainment challenge questions only.

No spin wheel

(Version 2.51)
by tdoan3
I was using the ad version until my free spin disappeared. If I wanted to spin I had to watch a video. I downloaded the ad free version expecting to get the free spin back. Guess what? Now there’s NO wheel at all. Even if I wanted to watch a video to spin the wheel I cant. I emailed them several times before paying for the ad free version, but that was a lost cause. Terrible customer service! And is the ad free version really even ad free if you have to close out of buying more lives after every single turn? Don’t buy the ad free version.

Pop up’s

(Version 2.51)
by ashiliciousss
It’s EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING how I purchase the game and CONTINUE to be hassled with pop up’s to buy more lives and be offered a second chance by spending my coins (which I accidentally accept too many times)

Great app

(Version 2.50)
by thewire22

Do not buy it!!!

(Version 2.51)
by The Great Jonjon
The free version has completely different elements to the game for some reason. I dont know who thought this version was a good idea but somebody needs to get fired.


(Version 2.47.1)
by Grimpen Mike
Fun for down time. Too many Harry Potter questions though.

Greedy update

(Version 2.51)
by Loki4242
Really unhappy with how the new update makes collecting cards SO EXPENSIVE now. 14 coins for a VIP card?! Seriously? Why even bother trying to collect them anymore?

GAME IS Flawed

(Version 2.51)
by Crazy for Beethoven
Update. I ha e 190 Approved Questions in the game and my Writer and Poet Achievements remain locked. Support is NO HELP AT ALL. Support does NOTHING. The loss of spins and the crazy numbering system they now use adds up to a BAD thing for players. I used to love this game. However, I have had more than 130 questions approved & placed into the game and my Writer Achievement and Poet Achievement remained locked. I have been communicating with Support for several months without resolution. My enthusiasm for the game is dimming considerably. Support seems incapable of helping me with this issue.

Used to love it...

(Version 2.51)
by Hockeymom329
Since updating the app I now have to deal with it ripping me off on lives I get from cards. Every day I'm supposed to get 3 extra lives. After claiming them they show up initially, but if I start playing turns from pre-existing games the 3 extra lives disappear and can't be claimed again until the 24 hours have passed. Total BS!

Addictive and fun

(Version 2.51)
by fstop65
Although not without it’s minor issues, it is a lot of fun to play.

Different from ad version

(Version 2.51)
by Have you seen me yet
Why the hell does the ad version have the wheel after you lose and the recent get questions right in a row

Can't stop

(Version 2.50)
by Bobamus
It's been 2 1/2 years. Still playing


(Version 2.51)
by fender420strat
I love how they delete the ratings and then restart. If you are educated dont play this POS its full of racist bigoted drumpf supporters who find the TRUTH offensive this game is for inbred morons with single digit IQ's. ALSO you cant edit submitted questions for a year now horrible glitch they are aware of and don't care to fix

Ads in paid version

(Version 2.51)
by learjt
Although I paid for the ad-free version, I am getting constant ads from Trivia Crack. After every turn I get a very annoying pop-up asking me to pay for extra lives. Very frustrating, especially when I paid for the ad-free version.

I didn’t want to pay for extra lives the last 2,000 times you asked me. Why do you keep pestering me to pay for more lives, after EVERY turn?


(Version 2.51)
by Robalabama
Spin the wheel and what will your question be? 70% of the time it will be art. Why? Because more users get art quests wrong than any other category. It’s a shame they have to rig a wheel.
This could be a fun game. Too bad the devs refuse o make it so

Great game

(Version 2.50)
by bjeske123
Will not lose

Triva review

(Version 2.50)
by MasterOfReviewing
This game is good it's just I paid 2:99 for no adds,but my friend uses the regular one and she can get help with questions without paying.

Bad move T.C.

(Version 2.50)
by DWR508
They devalued the coins by 500% and the cards’s values. Don’t think no one noticed.

Good Game

(Version 2.50)
by matt pruett
I like this game, but the ads are very annoying. Be warned

Coins changes affects gameplay

(Version 2.50)
by WiggyPig
The current version has really changed the power of the cards. Now with this system high powered coin cards are nerfed to an extreme degree. Even though these changes don't affect me personally, I know many players who have spent money to acquire cards (especially the long gone spin cards) that are now weaker.

Update: a glitch in the displaying of questions answered still remains. You get 5... instead of the actual number.

Very addictive.

(Version 2.50)
by Graffix_589
This game will test your knowledge. A must try!

Have trouble logging in facebook

(Version 2.50)
by Mkkate
I have to login all the time and it doesn't save my purchases

Change this and it’s 5 star for me

(Version 2.50)
by Goalieseph88
I love the game. I’ll put that first. However I tried to support the app developers and buy the paid version and when I did you could no longer choose to watch ads to take your second turn if you got a question wrong. Instead you have to use 1000 coins which is silly to me. Please allow for the choice of watching an ad or paying 1000 coins in the paid version. THANK YOU!

Too many silly rewards and bad questions

(Version 2.50)
by dbrew99
The app is okay, I guess, but it is annoying how the incentives for winning games have decreased markedly while the cost of add-ons (such as the bomb, second guess, etc.) has steadily increased. It just seems mean-spirited. Furthermore, as users may submit questions, many are silly and pointless, while others are outright incorrect.

Great game

(Version 2.50)
by Jae Hawke
Update 3: More and more glitches, every time it updates. Now I can't get an opponent in Rush. It just sits on "searching" for several minutes and never actually connects the game, so I can't play at all. Dropping my rating.

Update 2: Ok, what is going on with the latest update?? All I get is an error message that the game list couldn't load. As I read through other reviews, I see I am far from the only one having this problem. This is usually my go to game! Please get it fixed!!

Super fun game!
Update: I may love this game, but if it keeps asking me to rate it when I already have, I'm going to start taking away stars.

Nonstop annoyances

(Version 2.50)
by Patrick in Eastie
The "second chance" screen that pops up after every missed question is a disruptive annoyance. The endless barrage of notifications encouraging me to play challenges or make in-app purchases is just wrong. I paid for the ad-free version of Trivia Crack to NOT be assaulted with ads. All this extra junk has caused me to stop playing and disable notifications. Congrats Etermax, you’re horrible.