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What's New in Version 12.47.16

Fixed issue where videos could unexpectedly advance.


Search results skewed based on google politics

(Version 12.43)
by Ocdlaw
YouTube read very over priced and Google insist on shoving its politics down our throats.

So bad that they keep deleting my comments

(Version 12.43)
by tabaks
This app is a screaming example of bad programming and even worse QI. On top, they keep deleting my unfavorable reviews. App currently destroys third party keyboards to level where they can hardly be used!


(Version 12.43)
by Game is fun and borring
Now I’m totally fine with ads but when I’m trying to watch a video and the ad won’t load and the photo of the ad sits on my videos and interrupts me from watching it that’s when I have an issue. This has been going on for quite some time and it seems to only happen on mobile devices. YouTube please fix this it’s really getting annoying and aggravating


(Version 12.35)
by Avamaid
This app is amazing and awesome combined.
It takes way less time to search up you have tube on safari.


(Version 12.43)
by Richgirl 🙄😂❤️
So i got a new phone and now it’s not letting me download it


(Version 12.43)
by Michaelhhjj
Videos keep freezing mid-way through video on iPhone X . Please update !!!!

Cast support is very buggy, BATTERY KILLER

(Version 12.43)
by PresidentWill
I don’t understand why the controls while casting stop working literally every time I casting anything. It’s irritating. I constantly have to go to the google home app to manually control pause and volume, when I should very well be able to use YouTube itself.

In addition, these recent updates have killed my phone’s battery. When casting I can literally feel my phone heat up (iPhone 7+ on iOS 11). Over a 20 minute period, while casting, my phone’s battery went from 98% to 78%. If I don’t close the app after use, specifically after casting, I can almost guarantee my phone’s battery is nearly depleted, if my phone isn’t already dead. I made this mistake after casting videos with friends one night, after having had my phone on a charger almost the entire time and reaching 100% charge, and I missed my morning alarm because my phone was dead. This has happened once more since then as well. It’s really irritating.

Please fix this, google.


(Version 12.43)
by Yoloooomansweet
It shows you what u watched before and judges by your record to seee what you might like to watch next

So many adds

(Version 12.43)
by Eudis
I am starting to Hate YouTube, so many propaganda and adds ruining the videos


(Version 12.43)
by Tressa T.
Go subscribe to TRESSA AND JAMES on YouTube 😍😍💓💓💓


(Version 12.43)
by Cacamaca
Slide transitioning between bringing the screen to the bottom corner lags bad on the iphoneX

Battery eater

(Version 12.43)
by mmm1728
One 4 min long videos and the drained 10% down.


(Version 12.43)
by Cookiencali
I LOVE YOUTUBE !! but rn its tweakin out and keeps crashing when i go on it . its all updated but idk

Battery Life Issues

(Version 12.43)
by jsc77908
Battery drains really fast while listening to downloaded music offline.

Bug of video freezing.

(Version 12.43)
by Q (Supercell, please nerf)
Really good app but the issue of the video freezing up consistently gets very annoying.

Please fix

(Version 12.43)
by Dan9402
Urgent high priority app crashes on opening the app.. you guys what’s going on??

Old comment———

Failed to fix the no audio on replay I believe it has been third update after the description said it was fixed.. please fix this issue..aug 7

Old comment------

Fix failed to wok - audio fail on replay

Old comment -------
I have always been wondering to write a request for rewind and forward.. but you guys soon read our minds.. it is very helpful thank you developers. Appreciate great thinking and will keep posting in case of any app requirements. Keep it up!!

video problems

(Version 12.43)
by Silkysquid
every since the update, videos aren’t loading correctly. the video would load for a couple seconds and play for a few minutes and then buffer for five minutes. it’s extremely annoying and frustrating when i want to watch something. please fix this.

Great app but battery is dying

(Version 12.43)
by arochachris
I️ use YouTube a lot and always had good battery life. Updated to the new iOS update and YouTube drains my phone crazy fast. I️ doubt its on YouTube and more so on iOS 11. YouTube keep up good work!


(Version 12.43)
by hehdhdid
Lags like crazy

Background Bug

(Version 12.43)
by Arnige
YouTube has been killing my battery in the background even though background refresh is off. Just casting videos from my phone destroys my battery. This bug needs to be addressed soon!!!!

Battery Drain

(Version 12.43)
by Samuellis23
Using the latest version as of Nov. 2017 on iOS 11.1, cuts my phone’s battery life in half. Listening to audio in the background with the screen off accounts for 80% of my battery use. Ridiculous.

Why so strict and video bugs

(Version 12.43)
by ItsTripod43
First of all I’m having bugs where, when I’m watching a video and it keeps on loading at first I though it was my internet but every app I go to it’s loads fine. Second of all why do you have to be so strict? Why can’t youtubers cuss. I guess because of kids that watch YouTube? But there is a YouTube kids right???? and showing off weapon reviews and why do you let other youtubers get away with it? For example, Demolition Ranch tried to make another one of his most viewed video ever where he puts random stuff in shotgun shells and shoots them but that video got deleted and you gave him a strike, but when dudeperfect steals his idea and does the same thing in their video, they don’t get the video taken down and a strike.

Broken audio

(Version 12.42)
by DuJo Random
I bought YouTube red. The second after
I went to a video and the audio looped and it was broke. I didn't know how to fix it until I rewind it and it fixed. I might get rid of YouTube red if this isn't fixed. Any help?

Phone is heating up.

(Version 12.43)
by 1357dh
I enjoy the YouTube app. However for past few weeks ever since IOS 11 dropped my phone(iPhone 7) has been heating up after watching five minutes of a video. The app has also been a battery killer. I drop 10-20% of battery after watching a 10min video. I sure it’s the app because I have stopped using the YouTube app on my phone and my battery life is “normal” again. I hope there is an update soon to address this.

Iphone heating up

(Version 12.43)
by Maan20remembers
iPhone X is heating up and the battery is drained rapidly while watching YouTube videos even for a min. Big issue. Tried reinstalling the app, restoring the iPhone logging out of YouTube.. Nothing worked for me.. I know this issue exists for some of my friends with iPhones too but they are just lazy to post a review. Please solve this. It’s a major dealbreaker..

Working On Channels NEEDS A HUGE UPDATE!!!

(Version 12.43)
by SharkBoy615
I Love YouTube. I Enjoy Watching Gaming And Funny Things. But When It Comes To My Channel, I Get A Little Stressed...
When I Go To Update My Channel Art, It Works Fine. But When I Refresh, It Zooms In So Much You Can’t Read It. Please Fix This. I Want To Become Professional, And This Isn’t Helping. Also, My Subscribers Don’t Show, Which Makes Me Mad!!! I Want To See How Many Subs I Have, And No One Can See That. Just Because I’m A Small YouTuber Doesn’t Mean I Shouldn’t Have All The Rights Of A Popular One. Fix This, And The App Is One Of THE BEST!

Background battery usage

(Version 12.43)
by EDstyler
This new version of app on IOS11, is using much battery in background, while youtube is not used, there is bug for sure. Please fix it!
And watching videos makes my Iphone 7 Plus extremly hot at top side od display..

Why is the app running so hot? Probably using the cpu like crazy

(Version 12.43)
by Tahsanul
The devixe ia getting unusually warm during watching videos. It never happened before.

Extreme battery drain in iOS 11.1

(Version 12.43)
by CyberData4
20% battery drain using this app in 10 minutes??

Also: Background playback it too buggy. It shouldn't skip. It shouldn't reload.


Current version is battery hog

(Version 12.43)
by Drale the Dragonslayer
Used to be able to listen to videos with screen off and get decent battery life. Current version makes phone quite warm and eats battery life fast.

not fully re-design for Iphone X

(Version 12.43)
by xmatt81
when playing the video is not display edge to edge full size of the iphone X

the new update has nothing changed, the pinch zoom in/out is cutting the screen only, not actually zoom in fit to the side by side with original view of the video

Fast forward

(Version 12.43)
by Eddyedu721
I love YouTube, this app has gotten even better since now I can fast forward and watch more content in the same amount of time. The issue I have is that every time I use the fast forward option, the video and the sound are slightly misaligned and messes with the viewer experience. Would be 5 stars if this could get fixed.


(Version 12.43)
by Philly C
Videos don't want to play anymore... Constantly re booting and sometimes it fixes it but usually doesn't. Fix this please!

Update heats up phone

(Version 12.43)
by Oscar mejia
I had no problem with previous version but this update keeps overheating my 7 when I start watching videos


(Version 12.43)
by Chica loves youtube
YouTube is amazing I love it and always will you really need to get this app its great


(Version 12.43)
by picky reivewer
I had to delete the app because of the crashes

Phone gets hot

(Version 12.43)
by ArdentCheese
is it me or does anyone else’s phone get really hot when watching YouTube now?? it has never done this before and jow every time when i launch the app it gets hot then when i close it and open it again it cools down...


(Version 12.43)
by 8101123
when you rotate videos on full screen it lags and also when you swipe down the video it just stucks in the middle! also very sluggish app!! Iphone 6s

YouTube Recommendations. STILL!!

(Version 12.43)
by TheKnownKilla
The recommended videos I receive on YouTube are completely unrelated to any of the videos I watch. I have been recommended Clash of Clans videos (a game I’ve never had any interest in nor watched any videos for) based off of a Markiplier vlog. How the hell are those related??

A few bugs now a days

(Version 12.43)
by Jsnshsuajsnd
I love the YouTube app and I use it all the time but recently whenever I watch a video the screen freezes and it delays everything I do like press the home button for example Please fix. P.s this is on Oct 6 and it has happened for a couple days now, also if you need to know this device is a IPod 6 so it is up to date.

Drains battery

(Version 12.43)
by Azurras
The app in background drains more battery then it does in the foreground. Will consider deletion of app and canceling my YouTube Red if this isn’t fixed soon.

GARBAGE APP!! Doesn't work at all

(Version 12.43)
by Val Therber
Thanks google for screwing this up. YT used to be good. Now I click on the video and it sits on 0:00 for 5 minutes. DELETE APP

Drains battery

(Version 12.42)
by wmriester
YouTube Red drains battery on iPhone 7 Plus

Horrendous battery life

(Version 12.43)
by SecondRegulus
The most recent update for iPhone X comparability has absolutely destroyed my battery life (iPhone 7 plus) when watching videos, and even while leaving the app in the background. I don’t know what they did.
I haven’t changed my use habits, and yet since the update, YouTube has gone from using 20% of my battery per 24 hours, to 70%! That’s not okay!


(Version 12.43)
by Connor😎😎😎😎
Stop recommending random videos that I will never want to watch and please please please please stop recommending videos I’ve already watched and it even shows that I’ve watched it!!!! They show up no matter how many times I say not interested because I’ve already seen it.


(Version 12.43)
by Gabster235
This app has become so frustrating recently. Full size (landscape mode) sometimes locks, so I’m unable to get out of the video. Other times when I turn the video to landscape, the video minimizes into the left corner and only 1/4 of the video can be seen. Also, when I refresh recommendations, I expect to be recommended new videos. I get new ads when I refresh, but the recommendation list doesn’t. Thought these issues would be fixed soon, but it’s been over two months and these problems still exist.

If we use YouTube we’re stuck

(Version 12.43)
by Mrlemmers
With an app with horrible performance, don’t even know where to start. The scrolling is awful even on he iPhone 7, which is now a one year phone, but there is literally no reason the scrolling should lag every step of the way. Third party keyboards no longer work properly and crash almost immediately when you press to type a comment, there are rotation issues all over ever since iOS 10/11 came out. Can’t remember when it got so bad, fix the app especially for the people who actually are paying for the subscription service.

App Kills My Battery

(Version 12.43)
by MaNuPF24
latest update is killing battery on my iPhone 7 Plus and iPad Pro. CPU usage is through the roof and i can watch the percentage drop by the minute. fix it!

Not happy

(Version 12.43)
by Soccer Boy10
YouTube app doesn’t load any of the videos i click to watch. I thought it was my service for a while until I went to safari and tried YouTube from there and everything works good. It seems to be the app not wanting to work properly!

“Dismiss” notification when reopening app !

(Version 12.43)
by Hidayz
Please fix! every time I reopen YouTube it shows a “Dismiss “ sign witch won’t let the video auto play when opening the app back up making it feel slow and unstable and honestly it’s just quite annoying. I’m currently on the latest version of YouTube and the problem is still here please please please fix